titles are difficult

I’ve been working lots on the Sapphire tank – I’m done the back, now it’s onto the front!

After doing all this work on Sapphire, which is on 3.5 mm needles, all other needles seem so large. Anyway, I’ve reinforced my belief that I don’t like Addis much – they were good for knitting in the round, but now that I’m going back and forth I have to really grip the needles so they don’t slide all around. It’s making my hands tired!

The ribbed corset is also making good progress – I’m almost done Chart D.

I was worried about it being too small, and even trying it on I wasn’t too sure – but I think it’ll stretch.

Waving Lace sock has achieved heel:

It’s sooooo pretty!



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3 responses to “titles are difficult”

  1. Erin Avatar

    My corset seems wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too small too. But I too labour under the illusion that it will stretch and look very sexy. The Madil is beautiful though, non? Now I understand what drape means.

  2. grumperina Avatar

    Your corset looks great so far! And the socks are a delightful color. Quick progress!

  3. Samantha Avatar

    I love your tank. It’s going to look great once it’s finished. I know what you mean about all needles seeming big after using 3.5mm needles for awhile.

    THe corset and sock look fantastic as well. I love the pattern in the sock. Very nice! :)

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