things a’growin’

On it goes with the vneck and Charlotte. All the photos I took of the sweater sucked, but I’m now finished the body and am on the first sleeve. It’s kind of a schlumpy looking sweater, but I did want a plain, sweatshirt-y thing. So it works.

Charlotte, she grows.

She’s gettin’ pretty big, too. Yarn is starting to run out finally (I’ve knit a huge Cozy AND this Charlotte out of a cone!).

I’ve been preparing for teaching a class on lace tomorrow morning, so I’ve been knitting swatches and writing scarf patterns and a handout. I’m going to work on Charlotte during the class and finish it up this week, then block it and bring it next week to show the magic of blocking.

I was looking for yarn to swatch with for the class, and started reorganizing and neatening up the stash a bit as well. I was re-winding some balls of yarn, including this Regia mini-ringel:

I just really liked that photo, I think it’s awesome how the yarn wound up like that.

Tune in soon for more exciting adventures.

P.S. The sock is knit with Trekking 100 – just love those colours!







5 responses to “things a’growin’”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Ah, Trekking 100. I can hardly wait to knit mine! I like that ballwinding picture – very cool, and very Project Spectrum. :)

  2. maggieBB Avatar

    i’m in love with the way that yarn looks all wound up like that! yay pretty colours! :D

  3. Julia Avatar

    I have some trekking 100 waiting for me to play with. it’s the best for rainbow socks! Again, I adore your solid grey Charlotte, so sophisticated.

  4. --Deb Avatar

    I agree–that ball-winding picture is very cool!

  5. Kelly Avatar

    I wish I had a ball winder so I could wind yarn to look that nifty.

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