Thursday I went to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. It was really, really quiet when I went, but I heard that today (Friday) was way more packed. I’m sure the weekend will be too.

There were a pretty decent number of yarny-type places, but really not all that much of interest to me. If I was more in a sewing or beading frame of mind, maybe. Thinking back, I really should’ve bought some silk brocade to make a fancy holiday skirt, but I think I’d be too afraid of screweing it up!

I did end up buying a couple things – a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (it’s really green, I’m sure you’ll see it in better colour another day) and an extra skein of Silky Tweed from Redbirdknits. And a Celtic Collection by you-know-who (am I even allowed to put this picture on here? Yikes) from the Needle Arts Book Shop.

And then today at work I bought a skein of Handmaiden cashmere and a sweater stone. The cashmere is for a simple scarf for me, yum.

Oh, and a few days ago I finished setting the twist in the Lorna’s Laces Wool Top that I bought at KW – I did it all as singles, and it’s faboo. Now, what to do with it?

How I wish I was at Rhinebeck with you lucky people!!

5 Responses to “the yarn-buying disease”

  1. Laila

    I was chatting with you in The Needle Arts Books at the Needlework
    show and will also get a Starmore from them at the next DKC meeting.
    I too was underwhelmed by the show but bought some beautiful teal Zephyr from Redbird. Love the silky Tweed….no itch yarn. Love your red sweater..
    no itch cotton. Yes !

  2. Cheryl

    That Lorna’s Laces is just beautiful! I’ve been eyeing some of that wool top myself and I’m glad it spins up so well.


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