the sweet smell of freedom..

So I’m done school for the time being – until the 16th, when I start summer session four days a week. Ouch. In the meantime – finish the licorice cardi, or Phildar jacket, both only hours away from completion? Nah.

I’m SO not in the mood for finishing work. The solution? A knit in the round tank, out of All Season’s Cotton, which shall be a fast knit with minimal finishing. Love it.

Oh, and I made another skirt!

Sorry for the lack of a modelled pic, but I’m not in the get-dressed-for-blog-pics mood. It’s the same pattern as last time (Butterick 3134, with modifications), but this time it was much, much faster to make, because it’s fresh in my mind what I need to be doing with it.

Since there’s so little knitting content, let’s take a look at the 100% cotton batik fabric, shall we?

One more thing…I know people are trying to subscribe on Bloglines, and my feed *still* isn’t beign recognized. Little help? Dani, could you maybe send me your rss2.php file so I can take a look and see if mine’s at all different?



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2 responses to “the sweet smell of freedom..”

  1. Erin Avatar

    Loved the skirt. The colours are so great. I find it difficult to pick fabric since I never know if it’s too much or too “cutsey” – your choices are always ecclectic and adorable.

    I have to get myself a copy of that pattern!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Sure thing – I will email it to you.

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