When the tomatoes have finally hit the market in full force and the eggplant is trickling in – that’s how I know summer is starting (slowly, slowly) to come to a close. Personally though I love the summer produce, the heat and humidity just do me in. And obviously as a knitter, I LOVE being able to wear sweaters again.

I’ve actually been knitting a sweater that isn’t one of my own designs – Hanne Falkenberg’s Diva jacket, in dark olive and cyclamen. It’s all fingering weight garter stitch, in a sticky, wooly yarn, and I can’t wait to get it worked up. It starts at the center back, and you increase in stripes similar to a triangle shawl for the lower part of the body. It’s not too interesting, but not boring either. And perfect take-along knitting!

for once, one that is isn't mine

Still sneaking in a bit more summer knitting, though – my second version of this little shrug is off the needles and has even been worn once already! I’m trying to finish up the pattern for one more quick summer piece to help transition into fall.

shrug, take 2

8 Responses to “the slow season change”

  1. Laurie in Mpls.

    So, probably a no brainer question here (which is suitable, since my brain is currently slightly inoperable): is that adorable shrug your own design? And will you be sharing it? :D (Or rather, writing it up to sell.) It’s awfully cute — nice work!

  2. Maryse

    It must be nice, sometimes, to knit a pattern that is not your own! The little shrug is really pretty! My summer vacations are starting, so please, let’s not talk about fall yet ;-) Have a great weekend!

  3. Lauren

    Wow, what an unusual, striking color combination you are using for that jacket! I love it.

  4. Seanna Lea

    I’ve been lusting over some of the HF knits for what feels like forever. I think it was the mermaid jacket that did me in!

  5. Wendolene

    Will the little shrug pattern be coming out soon? I love my shoulder warmer–having a lacy version, too would be terrific!

  6. Laughingrat

    I realized the other day that I don’t hear the cicadas anymore. I never catch that the very day it happens–it’s just something I notice gradually, every year. Autumn’s on the way for sure.

  7. Libby

    I love that design of Hanne’s! That’s the one I’ve always had my eye on. Can’t wait to see it knit up.

  8. Lulynn

    I love the little shrug-also wondering if you will have the pattern available?


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