The ehs as in the blehs. Been a bit…uninspired by the knitting lately, although I have had great productivity with the spinning. Evidence:

Sleeves, take 2.5. Now you see ’em….(note: they used to be attached to the sweater)

Now you don’t:

Yep, I ripped both sleeves of Cable/Rib entirely. It just. wasn’t. working. The sleeves were too baggy for the shape of the body, and the caps were too long, resulting in a weird just slightly puffed look. Back to the drawing board…this time, sleeves in the round, and perhaps (gasp) I’ll actually do the Maths on the sleeve cap. Or….I might cast on provisionally and do the cap first, sew it in, then knit the rest of the sleeve down once I get the cap right.

New Yarn: A lovely lemon skein of BFL, chain (navajo) plied. It’s still quite thin, and I just love the look of three ply.

Chocoberry BFL – milky chocolate brown, blues, and purples. 2ply.

Just a bit more finishing to do on Dreamcatcher – sewing in the sleeves and finding buttons. Hopefully some new (and inspiring) projects next time!

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8 Responses to “the ehs”

  1. Lauren

    You could try knitting the whole sleeves down, using Barbara Walker’s top-down set-in sleeves method. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while myself.

  2. Karma

    Both of your new yarns are soooo pretty! I haven’t tried this yet, but what about picking up stitches in the armhole of the sweater’s body and knitting down? That way you avoid the sleevecap maths! :) And you can try on as you go to see where you want the decreases to go. Just an idea. I know you’ll find a brilliant solution as always. Have a great week!

  3. Dipsy D.

    So sad that you had to rip the sleeves – but you’ll see, the next try will work out perfectly! I love the yarn you got, both skeins look so fluffy and lovely – have fun knitting with them!

  4. maggie

    wow, i’m not usually a huge fan of yellow – but that yarn is such a delicious yellow, it makes me smile :)

  5. Jen

    i’m with you on the meh’s….the spinning is beyouteafull thought! am very jealous..

  6. Karyn

    I LOVE that yellow yarn. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it~ Just passing through…


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