that’s all, folks!

Wha-hoo! I made it! I’ll put up my grad photo soon ; ) My last exam went okay (not super-great, but fine) and I even managed to get an A+ on the last paper that I got back. It’s awhile until convocation (it’s June 20 for me) so there’ll be a wait for the piece of paper and cap-and-gown photo, but still. It’s all done.

And what did I do after? Go to the store, hang out for a bit, then go over to the boyfriend’s and have dinner and catch up on Grey’s. Not that exciting, but nice. And then the fabulous Joyce had a birthday party on Saturday night, which was the realy partying night (partied a little too hard).

Today I woke up late, had lunch (yep), went to check out the soon-to-be-mine allotment garden plot and then for a bike ride. Out for early mother’s day dinner, since my mom will be out of town next weekend. A few hours spinning and catching up on taped shows, and here I am – ready to unleash some backlogged photos of things.

jitterbug socks

Finally finished – a pair of Jitterbug socks. 60 sts on Knitpicks US 0 circs, top down with a short row heel.

blurry overhead shot

All the yarn was from the same ball, but no matchy! Oh well. These socks are really comfy and fit great. And I love the colours! So nice and bright. Although the yardage seems really short, it was fine – in fact, I wish I’d made the cuffs longer…


Oddly, the socks themselves weighed 89 g – so I had 108 g of yarn! Maybe I should start a leftover sock yarn blanket soon.

New socks:

a very lucky sock

STR in Farmhouse. I started these socks at the Frolic, and then proceeded to leave my go knit pouch and the sock behind when we left! I called the next day, and luckily they’d put it in the lost and found for me. It definitely wasn’t the worst thing I could’ve left, but I was very glad to get it back nonetheless – it’s working up really nicely.

Now? There’s so much crafting (and gardening) to be done! I’ve got a near-FO and a bunch of other random in-progress stuff, but I think it’s time I cast on for something celebratory. Guesses?



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27 responses to “that’s all, folks!”

  1. pamela wynne Avatar

    Woo hoo! CONGRATULATIONS!! Will have to think about what the celebratory knit might be…

  2. Jessica Avatar

    Congratulations! More time for knitting . . .

  3. claudine Avatar

    Congrats!! And the socks look lovely!

  4. Adrienne Avatar

    They look great!!!

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Congrats on finishing school! I’m sure it’ll take a bit for the freedom to sink in.

  6. Josie Avatar

    Congratulations on finishing school! This idea of a “celebratory knit” is a wonderful (but dangerous – for my bulging knitting basket) one.

  7. Protagiton Avatar

    Congrats! School’s out for the summer, eh? And that’s a really lovely STR colourway.

  8. jenna Avatar

    Congratulations! Hmm…a celebratory knit? I don’t have a guess, but I love the concept!

  9. katie Avatar

    Congratulations! Best feeling in the world, that I’m finished with college one. Yay!

  10. joy Avatar

    con-“grads”! and i love the color of the Farmhouse socks – glad you were able to recover them!

  11. Wanda Avatar

    Pretty, pretty socks (Jitterbug). I’m knitting a pair of socks now with it and I really like it. Congrats on finishing!

  12. not an artist Avatar

    Congratulations! And lovely socks, that jitterbug looks great.

  13. ck Avatar

    WooHoo! I’m sure it feels fantastic to be finsihed with school. Congrats :)

  14. Hanna Avatar

    Congratulations! It must feel absolutely, deliciously relaxing to have finished. And could it be that your smashing design with the rayon/metallic yarn would be appropriately celebratory (and summery?)?

  15. Romi Avatar


  16. Julia Avatar

    Big congrats!! Enjoy your free time. ;)

  17. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Laura!

    Great socks and color!! Have fun w/all the free time…It’s so immensely overwhelming all the great inspirational patterns and yarn to knit with and now you’ve got the TIME!! Can’t wait to see the next FO!! I wish I could knit 24/7 but then…

    Happy Knitting!

  18. Lynn Avatar

    Hey, congratulations! That’s wonderful! And if you don’t want to celebrate with calories, I recommend a high-fiber diet instead.

  19. Lindsey Avatar

    Is that ball of Jitterbug the Jay colorway? I’m knitting a pair of socks with it right now and I’m having issues of pooling, but your socks look fantastic. From one student to another, congratulations on graduating!

  20. Sarah Avatar

    Congratulations!! Doesn’t it feel so great to be done!!??

  21. alison Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura!

    And I’m happy to know about the Jitterbug — I was concerned it was a little short.

  22. Thalia Avatar



  23. Katie Avatar

    Congratulations! Very jealous of your allotment garden plot – I’m looking forward to seeing photos of what you do with it.

  24. Tandi Avatar

    Huge congrats to you!
    Those socks are gorgeous.

  25. […] I’ve been thinking for quite a while about what to do with my left-over sock yarn. It’s really beautiful, so I have trouble coming around to the idea of throwing it out, but there really isn’t enough to do much of anything with. Then Laura mentioned a left-over sock yarn blanket, and I remembered that I’d been meaning to learn how to make mitred squares, and idea was born. Mitred squares have become my designated television knitting – and because I don’t really watch very much television, don’t expect to see a blanket any time soon. I think I’ll aim for a baby blanket – for the obvious size reasons, and I’ll probably join the squares into blocks of four – three of one color and one of another, and then piece them. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this comes together! […]

  26. Dottie Avatar

    Love your blog. Still trying to get up nerve to knit a pair of socks. That last pair was really pretty. Maybe someday soon, Dottie

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