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Whoops, been a few days, hm? Well rest assured I haven’t been slacking! I’ve been studying (I have two significant-weight quizzes this week as well as an assignment due), spinning (still haven’t taken photos of some other finished yarns) and knitting (titbits, and a new Charlotte’s Web – more on that later). I don’t even really ahve time to write this, but who needs sleep, right?

Which brings me to my next point – since I don’t have much of anything new to show you, how about my Knitting Olympics project? I haven’t actually signed up officially – Kelly, send me an invite?

Let me warn you – it’s, uh, ambitious. I really am off my rocker.

(There’s a fabulous finished one here.)

“Limerick” by Louisa Harding, from Rowan 28. A few things…

1. No beads. (You can’t even see them in the photo, eh? It called for 2500 beads, prestrung!)
2. The yarn it calls for is Rowan DK soft, long discontinued – with a gauge of 26 stitches/10 cm. The smallest size is 44″.
3. Therefore, I’m going to use fingering weight yarn, Louet Gems Pearl (freshly ordered) and aim for a gauge of 7.5 stitches/inch. Should give me a 39″ or so sweater, which is workable.
4. Knitting back and forth? NO THANKS. I’ll be modifying this to be a seamless raglan.
5. I have a big test on the 14th, and an assignment due on the 15th. Takes knitting time away.
6. However, I have reading week the following week (20-24th). Adds knitting time, but there might be other things I want to do during that week.

Sooooooo. One more thing.

6. I don’t really expect to finish this in 16 days. BUT (and don’t tell me that’s not the Olympic spirit!), I intend to try my damndest! I’ll definitely be swatching beforehand to get a feel for the pattern and will probably try doing one-handed stranding (Nordic memories was two-handed, but really haphazard since the CC stitches weren’t every often).


(Yeah, I’m SO nuts.)







22 responses to “that olympics thing”

  1. stefanie Avatar

    WOO! I love your ambitious Olympic Knitting choice!!

  2. Angela Avatar

    That is beautiful! Who cares if you don’t finish in time.. you’d be a winner just making it! I’ve got to keep note of that pattern.

  3. jacqueline Avatar

    i’m thinking you’re off your rocker! love the sweater…and love your spirit though!

  4. Latoya Avatar

    Yes, that is very ambitious of you to take on such a product in such a limited amount of time – and you don’t already have the yarn! But, judging from your past posts it seems that you churn out projects on a regular basis. Its a great project!

  5. Theresa Avatar

    Ambition is good. If the atheletic Olympians are going to strap sticks to their feet and throw themselves off mountains, the elast we can do is some serious sweater knitting, right?

    I have a paper due Feb 23rd- Eeek!

  6. naomi Avatar

    You knitting that is *way* less nuts than me knitting that for the Olympics. Still, I wish you as much luck as you may need.

  7. britt Avatar

    I think that you are crazy too!! But man do I love crazy people!! I will be cheering for you from the sidelines. Good luck! and happy knitting!!

  8. Jen Avatar

    Hey Laura drop me an email at jhendriks(at)advocis(dot)ca and I’ll hook you up on the team canada site!

  9. Lauren Avatar

    That sweater is very very gorgeous.

  10. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    You are indeed insane, but in such a lovely way. Me, I’m a wimp and a slow as molasses knitter, so I’m doing Gloria from Noro Knits as my Olympic sweater. And I freely admit to signing up as much for the pub night and right to get the team shirt as anything else. I’m good with that. *grin*

  11. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    That’s m’girl!
    Make us all proud!!!

  12. allison Avatar

    What?! You don’t want to prestring 2500 tiny beads? What’s wrong with you? :P

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!!! That’s a beautiful sweater! Good luck!

  13. toni Avatar

    you are an ambitious girl! btw, I made a variation of this sweater a few years ago and still have enough of the DK Soft left to make the largest size. FYI

  14. Peg Avatar

    You are one game girl! It is a beautiful project – best of luck. You and I both knit titbits, but I wear two of them daily! They are so much better than the usual silicone prosthesis and you can have fun with colour and embelishments! Again, good luck. I am knitting a rectangular shawl for the Olympics – my first attempt at a shawl! I also am on the Canadian Olympics Team – sure hope there are some fast knitters on our team, as you and I may be finishing after the flame is long out! However, we will finish!

  15. Kelly Avatar

    Ya know, I wouldnt have expected anything less from you Laura. BTW, I’ve sent you the invite, so check your inbox.

  16. Ariane Avatar

    Gorgeous! I’ve yet to try fair isle aside from a few swatches, so that project would be unreasonably ambitious for me :) but I’m sure you’ll make a fair amount of progress on it in the 16-days of the challenge! :) I look forward to seeing what you come up with :) What colors are you doing yours in?

  17. Drea Avatar

    Holy crap are you ever ambitious! That sweater’s gorgeous :) Can’t blame you for not wanting to do the beads (2500? Is that designer insane? ;)), I certainly wouldn’t *g*

  18. Vicki Avatar

    You have amazed us before with your speed, why not again? That is what the olympics is about, the last burst of speed that gets you over the line. I love the pattern, I keep wanting to make it too. Fingering weight is a great idea, so is circular. good luck. Aim for Gold.

  19. --Deb Avatar

    That sweater is absolutely beautiful . . . who cares if you don’t get it done in 16 days? But good for you for trying!!

  20. Amy Avatar

    That really is a beautiful sweater, and if you did happen to finish it in 16 days, well I would just have to bow down to you, kiss your feet, proclaim that I’m no longer worthy, stuff like that. :P Anyway, good luck!!!!!!!!

  21. Wanda Avatar

    Go team Canada, that is a serious sweater! It looks great though. I don’t blame you, I would skip the beads too. You really can’t tell they’re even there!

  22. Julia Avatar

    All I can say is: wow. When you do finish it, it’s going to be one gorgeous sweater, girl. ;)

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