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This pullover started as a pretty different idea – here’s my original sketch and swatch.

original sketch

The main idea was using two strands of sweetgeorgia merino silk lace held together in different shades, in order to blend the colours nicely and create a lightweight fabric. Originally I was going to do just one front cable panel, a boatneck, and an asymmetrical draping panel in the front. I actually did knit up most of the sweater with just one cable panel, but I decided that having two in the front would better accomplish my goal – cinching in the sweater a bit at the waist.


I also made the cable much longer (more rounds) than my original idea. I sort of made up the cable as I went along (making sure to write it all down) – as much as it’s a good idea to write the pattern first then knit it, I get a lot of satisfaction out of just knitting without as much planning!

The deep v-neck is a neckline I find flattering on a lot of people, and if it’s too deep for you it’s easy to layer a cami or shirt underneath. Or you can make the neck shallower by working the neck increases closer together, and joining in the round earlier.


Did I mention that the merino silk lace is just sooooo soft? It’s super cozy while still being light and breathable.

To purchase the pattern, check out Afternoon Tea Volume Two or Terai on Ravelry.



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2 responses to “Terai”

  1. Erin Avatar

    I love the cinching and the deep v. Queued to Ravelry :)

  2. Brandi Avatar

    I will be queueing this to my rav……thought about spinning the yarn up …..that’s alot of laceweight to spin …..maybe not this time. I love your color pick.

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