Category: afternoon tea

  • Assam

    Available in Afternoon Tea Volume Two! Assam is a cozy cardigan with an interesting construction, and had been on my to-release list for ages! I knit a prototype of this sweater in some tweed several years ago, but the pattern wasn’t really finalized until I knit this current sample. Assam is knit in one big […]

  • Dimbala

    Available in Afternoon Tea Volume Two! Dimbala was the last sweater that I knit for Volume Two – I was working on it right up till the day before the shoot! I’m glad I got it finished though, and I’m really proud of it. The shape was inspired by jumpers of the 40’s and 50’s […]

  • Nilgiri

    Available in Afternoon Tea Volume Two! I knit Nilgiri this summer, both at home and in Halifax! The sleeves were perfect travel knitting – easy but not boring, and small enough (since I didn’t want to pack the whole sweater!). I picked up this Indigodragonfly MCN Worsted last winter or so at work. It looks […]