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Assam is a cozy cardigan with an interesting construction, and had been on my to-release list for ages! I knit a prototype of this sweater in some tweed several years ago, but the pattern wasn’t really finalized until I knit this current sample. Assam is knit in one big piece, from cuff to cuff, and then the large seed stitch border is picked up and worked at the end. There are a couple of long seams, but in general it’s pretty light on the finishing.


It’s a nice boxy, relaxed shape, really easy to throw on an go. The Tanis aran weight yarn has a really great weight to it (it’s quite heavy), which I find really comforting. The faux raglan shaping doesn’t actually change the stitch count or anything, but it does provide a bit of interesting knitting to break up the stockinette without being too taxing, and I find it does help keep the sweater on your shoulders.

I even have some photos of me in it!



To purchase the pattern, check out Afternoon Tea Volume Two or Assam on Ravelry.



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5 responses to “Assam”

  1. Brandi Avatar

    just lovely and the color you chose is amazing!

  2. michelle rhoades Avatar
    michelle rhoades

    That color is amazing and you look so beautiful in it. You should wear that blue every single day.

  3. yvette Avatar

    Yup, I like it better on you than on the model.

  4. June Higgins Avatar
    June Higgins

    I purchased this pattern and like it. However, I think there is an error, something missing, on p. 4 at the top in “Joining Row.” If the directions are followed, one would not end up with the # of stitches designated for G. I don’t see anything in the Errata section of your website. I’ve tried to make up what I think is missing in the directions, but it doesn’t seem to be coming out right. Help would be appreciated.

  5. Susan Zachos Avatar
    Susan Zachos

    There seems to be 2 more errors in the pattern — 1. the Neck Decrease and Increase sections don’t say that you should “maintain slipped stitch at the edging” I can’t tell if I am supposed to maintain that edging throughout the rest of the pattern, or only in the sections where it says to maintain it. 2. The “Neck Increases” section says “k to last 2 sts, m1R, k1.” But, shouldn’t it be k2 at the end, before starting back on the WS row? If you just k1, then the same knit stitch remains on the needle, at the end of each row until you finish the 10 rows (2 row repeat 5 times). I don’t think that could be right.

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