It’s been very mild weather-wise here in Toronto the last few days, with temperatures above freezing and nice clear sunny days. I was feeling a bit panicked because I haven’t really got any seasonally appropriate designs on the go! I did some stash digging and pulled up this project that I don’t think I ever blogged about.

in progress

It’s a shrug-ish cardigan, from the top down, with some ribbing, garter stitch, and dropped stitches. I think when I started it I was imagining a fall sweater, but now I think it’s more for spring! The lovely yarn is from Julie Asselin, and it’s DK weight blend of 85% polwarth wool and 15% silk. It comes in a huge skein of 660 yards, so I’m kind of hoping to finish it with just one!

Of course I worked on this “springy” sweater for a few days and today it looks like this.


Yikes. On the plus side, I think I might still have time to finish this wintery-but-lightweight pullover before it gets too hot. I love this stitch, it looks much more complex than it is. It’s worked only 1 strand at a time with slipped stitches. Yarn is Cascade 220 sport, which I’d never tried before – it’s soft and woolly, and the price is amazing!

slip stitch sweater

Just so this post isn’t ALL grey, here’s the labels on a couple of skeins of handspun that I sent out to a new home last week.

my yarn

You can see more of my handspun for sale on Etsy.

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  1. Emma Avatar

    Love that you have email notification for posts now!

  2. Meredith MC Avatar
    Meredith MC

    I love that slip-stitch pattern.

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