take two

I reknit the foot of the second Waving Lace sock but quick, on the right number of stitches this time!

Waving Lace Socks
Pattern: Interweave Knits, Spring 2004
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, “peach”, 1.5 skeins
Needles: Clover US1 dpns
Started: July 22, 2005
Finished: August 6, 2005

Unfortunately….that second foot is STILL bigger than the first one, a consequence of knitting looser on the second sock, I think. No more ripping, though. They’re so pretty!

And a glimpse into the madness that is the piles of knitting stuffs in my room…I’ve been cleaning up one of my many FO/WiP baskets (obviously I’m avoiding studying!).

Jeans waiting to be a skirt, sweaters (licorice cardi and ubernatural, which I need to do something with as the neckline is a bit too huge), pile of summer tops (tivoli, stripes go round, cherry twist, soleil, chickami), banana cream cardi in progress (loosing interest in that one), socks to be washed, twisty corriedale singles, corset top.

Oy, I need more sweater storage.

Tomorrow: one of my fastest FOs ever!



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5 responses to “take two”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Those look great! Your socks have inspired me to locate that copy of IK and knit them, too. I’m not sure whether I’ll use LL and make them for grandma, or use a cotton yarn and make them for myself…. hmmm… In any case, they are gorgeous, lovely pattern and beautiful knitting.

  2. Kristin Avatar

    I just finished my Waving lace socks in L.L. Poppy. Come to think of it, I believe you sold me that yarn. This is my favorite sock pattern so far!

  3. Toni Avatar

    Yes, very pretty!

  4. cara Avatar

    great socks! isn’t that pattern the greatest?

  5. Emy Avatar

    Those socks look fab!
    Let’s see, I am going rummage and see if I have that IK issue. Else, poo :(

    On organizing the FO/wip thingy — I’m doing that for the past few days and it’s like Discovery Channel. lol

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