sweater with a big hole in it


I’ve completed the medallion shaping on the back of Dreamcatcher, and just have some neck decreases and work evens to finish! Then it’s onto the fun part – the innards of the dreamcatcher.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to work on my paper and keep getting distracted. Evidence:

Top: Knitpicks Sock Garden in “Zinnia”, bottom: handspun.

Still just working away, really, haven’t had time to start any new projects (although I want to!) – I did reknit the sleeve cap on cable/rib, and it looks much better. Still need to do the second one….Actually, now that I think about it, I should go rip that one. Ah, procrastination.

megan gave me an awesome present – a skein of Socks that Rock, in the “Prove it all night” colourway. Brighter than it looks here; recently seen over at grumperina’s. Yay!






8 responses to “sweater with a big hole in it”

  1. naomi Avatar

    I really like the way the colors are working in both of your weavings.

  2. Chris Avatar

    I saw one of those little looms at a shop over the weekend and was mightily tempted. Resisted… so far.

    Oh, nice, STR!

  3. Julia Avatar

    I love your weavings! It’s so interesting how the colors play out together…different from the way the yarn shows up in knitting! I hope you post what you make out of these guys, then maybe I’ll buy one! They’re pretty enough to just keep around, too.

  4. anne Avatar

    what will you do with the weavings when you’re done with them? they’re really nice – i dig the plaid-ish pattern on the sock garden one (is that self-striping yarn? i wonder what that would look like woven).

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Does this mean that LK has socks that rock now? I’ve heard rumour that it might be arriving soon. Hmmm… debating – frolic vs. massive spree at Lettuce Knit….

  6. Monica Avatar

    Yay – more weaving! I am totally enamored with that loom. I am eyeing one for my B-day.

  7. Lolly Avatar

    That look is amazing… I am really thinking about that! Love the Sock Garden one!

  8. Brianne Avatar

    I recently saw a woman working on a loom and I was mesmerized by it! Very neat and I love the Sock Garden piece.

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