Starts and Stops

sneak peek

Binding off.

This week I worked on this scarf – it’s really simple, but I like it a lot! It’s similar to Just Enough Ruffles, so I’m hoping that those of you who liked JER will like this one too! It was super quick – worsted weight and 5.5mm needles is a heck of a lot faster than anything else I’m working on at the moment. I’m hoping to get some photos this weekend and release the pattern next week!


Unfortunately, not everything went so well this week. I started this sweater back in January but it hasn’t been getting any love and the pretty yarn deserves better. I ripped it out.

swatchy swatchy

A little bit of swatching + my first Wollmeise.

Other bits of randomness:

  • My latest post at Craftsy is up: Essential Hand Spinning Supplies.
  • If you’re headed to the Knitter’s Frolic this weekend, there’s a gift certificate for my patterns to be won at the raffle table! Note that the marketplace is Saturday only.
  • Reading: MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood. I couldn’t really work yesterday because my arm was feeling really sore, so I cuddled up on the couch with my duvet (the bed was occupied with blocking items) and read half of it. So good.
  • Watching: House, on Netflix. I’ve watched most of it before but I didn’t watch the last season, so I’m just working through the end. Oh House.



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2 responses to “Starts and Stops”

  1. Brandy Avatar

    Love the color of yarn in your new scarf. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    I also really enjoyed Oynx and Crake.. I need to pick up the next two books. Glad to hear you are enjoying the last one.

  2. Diane Avatar

    I look forward to your new pattern; JER was the first pattern I purchased and I’ve made two. Thanks for your blog; it’s in my list of daily reading:)

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