squares are eating my brain

Ah, squares. So soothing and easy and fun. I’ve been planning a blanket out of the Pakucho organic cotton I’ve got, and here’s the start. Well, “planning” is a stretch; I’m just going to knit random squares until I run out of yarn. I only have a few skeins of the green (yeah, it’s green) so I’m doing striped ones with that, and then the rest will be solid cream. It’s going to be great.

Aaaaand again it’s the end of the weekend, and I’m tired and stressed and somewhat hungry (although I did have a big supper – roasted veg, veggie sushi, squash). I’m sort of wanting to cast on a new sweater, but at the same time wanting all my other projects to be done already! At the moment I’m finishing up a toe on a sock, which has been long neglected.

The grey cabled cardi has all its pieces done; it just needs tobe sewn up and the collar knit. I should do that soon, since although it’s very warm this week (16 C on Wednesday!) it’s going down to freezing and below by next weekend.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the stash and the stack o’ projects, and yet I just keep being more inspired and adding stuff to the stash! Anyway, here’s an opinion question for you all – I’m going to knit a blankie (yeah, it’s a blankie epidemic over here) out of Socks that Rock from the stash. It’s all kind of random colourways, but I think it’ll work all together.

So – what kind of blankie do I do?
a) log cabin – one big square
b) log cabin – small squares
c) mitred squares
d) something else?



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23 responses to “squares are eating my brain”

  1. Julie Avatar

    mitred squares all the way. love that delicate but complex stained glass effect–perfect with sock-weight yarns.

  2. Dr. Judy Avatar
    Dr. Judy

    I vote for mitred squares. Have you seen Veronique Avery’s Bear Claw Blanket in IK? Wouldn’t you know, I can’t lay my hands on which issue…sorry. But it is really cute.

  3. Andrea Avatar

    I vote for mitered squares. Maybe something similar to the Koigu pillow that was in Vouge Knitting last year.

  4. Cheryl Avatar

    Add my vote to the mitred squares, I’d love to see how the STR looks in a mitred square blankie.

  5. Leigh Avatar

    I can really relate to the overwhelmingness of stash and projects. Like you, that doesn’t stop me either ;)

    I agree with the others about the mitred squares. Your mitred corners are beautiful, so show them off!

  6. Luise Avatar

    Mitered squares are indeed beautiful, but will you weary of them a bit? Maybe a log cabin will be less restrictive — and require less finishing work. And you can perhaps make a small dent in your stash, “allowing” you to add to it when tempted.

  7. Elinor Avatar

    Oh, I vote for the mitered squares! I love hpw they look!

  8. brooke Avatar

    Knitter Natter posted some good baby blanket options recently. The RY Classic Apple Tree blanket is really cute. If not any of those, a log cabin would be nice.

  9. gleek Avatar

    hhmmm, i vote for log cabin squares. i’ve seen what cara (januaryone) can do with it and i’m impressed. i would love to see more from more people!

  10. Julia Avatar

    I thought mitred squares too, even before reading others’ comments. Variegated yarns get shown off so well with mitering!

  11. Melissa Avatar

    Yep, mitres for sure

  12. Sarah Avatar

    Mitred squares! They are addictive. Unless you’re planning a bedspread, you can’t get sick of them.

    (Are you in crazy university time too? Is it a sign of the sickness that I feel like I should go back and remove all the contractions from this comment?)

  13. Lorraine Avatar

    I vote for “something else”. I’m pretty hooked on blankies, but my all time fave: cast on full width of blankie with border yarn A, when border is done, start making squares all at once (no sewing required afterwards). As in, first row after border edge: k12A, k20 B, k20 C, k20 D etc for as many squares wide as you want, finishing with k12A (other side of border). After 26 rows, change your colours again and you’ll have squares. A picture explains this much better than a blog comment–look at http://frostshowandsale.blogspot.com/ and scroll down till you see “blankie”. Endless fun, I’m telling you!!

  14. Rita Avatar


  15. dennymcmillan Avatar

    I ‘m with Lorraine,(hi lorraine)
    “something else”. How about some crocheted granny squares.(fast). I did one last year and it was way quicker than the log cabin. Crochet…somthing else.

  16. britt Avatar

    Log cabin – one big square

  17. Laura Avatar

    Well, I hatehatehate seaming so I’d vote for one big log cabin square. My second runner up would be something like a chevron or wave design.

  18. Heather Avatar

    I do like mitered squares, but I’ve been attracted to the log cabin idea recently. Why not start with mitered squares in the middle and work your way out with log cabin? Or start with log cabin but make the corners out of mitered squares?

    Good luck, I can’t wait to see your progress.

  19. nightshade Avatar

    i’m going to go against the grain (though, mitered squares are nice) and suggest ‘something else’: entrelac! totally addictive, makes very cozy blankets, and works well with lots of colours.

    whatever you choose, i look forward to seeing the progess!

  20. Deirdre Avatar

    I love the look of a log cabin, and made a baby blankie from variegated yarn – but somehow I am seeing STR in mitres…

    looking forward to seeing it, along with the myriad of other projects…

  21. not an artist Avatar

    A bit late, but I vote for lots of little log cabins!

  22. dennymcmillan Avatar

    Hummm I think that not an artist has something there, lots of little log cabins.
    I like that.

  23. cubrikaska Avatar

    Este mensaje, es incomparable))), me es muy interesante:)

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