Category: log cabin

  • Friday Snapshot

    Wrapped a little extra batting around my basil plant since it’s so cold by the window. Needle books – the top one was given to me by my friend Denny, the bottom one I cobbled together back in high school. (The pages are made from this horrible poly fleece that I made a pair of […]

  • on blanket-making and distraction

    I was digging through my closet the other day, trying to organize my stuff ahead of a trip to Ikea (gotta plan to figure out what I need!), when I came across a long, long neglected WIP. This one was stuffed into a bin with a bunch of other WIPs, but it’s the only one […]

  • return of the handspun log cabin

    Loooove. Really I was a bit fed up with all the wee little bits of handspun lying around, and needed some garter stitch therapy, so on it went! A few hours later (and a few episodes of HBO’s Rome)…. I’ve used up a number of the smaller bits that I had, but still have rather […]