I was digging through my closet the other day, trying to organize my stuff ahead of a trip to Ikea (gotta plan to figure out what I need!), when I came across a long, long neglected WIP. This one was stuffed into a bin with a bunch of other WIPs, but it’s the only one I actually bothered to pull out!

handspun log cabin

A handspun log cabin blanket! I made one a long time ago, but have since given it away. This one is very random, with snippets of ends and unevenly sized strips, and is knit mostly with double-stranded worsted-ish weights on 8mm. I found a bag of handspuns I’d been using for it, too, and brought it all out to the couch to work on over the weekend. It’s perfect weekend knitting – simple and meditative, but with awesome colours to entertain me!

squishy garter stitch

Working on it did derail my sweater knitting a little bit, but I’ve managed to get just about up to the armholes of my lace cardigan. I’ll be starting sleeves today.

lace sweater progress

12 Responses to “on blanket-making and distraction”

  1. Michelle Moses

    Plus, it’ll keep you warm while you knit it! And I still love the cardigan…I don’t know if it’s the color or the lace or what, but now I’m looking around on ravelry for a lace cardigan.

  2. Brandi

    Those blanket colors sure are cheerful. I should make a colorful blanket for the long winters here in Maine.

  3. Beverly

    The blanket is gorgeous! I’m sure it will be much used when you are finished. I love the sweater too….very pretty color!

  4. Sarah-Mae @ Eat, Run, Knit

    Ah, lovely! I adore the log cabin style of quilts and afghans but have yet to jump in and sew or knit one; to do list!
    Thank you for the wonderfully inspirational photos, I always have to run and fetch my knitting after reading your updates!

  5. kathy b

    I have always loved log cabin blankets…all the picking up of sittches really hurt my wrists though……any thoughts?


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