spinning, no knitting

I managed to find some lube for my wheel (although I’ll be picking up some silicone this weekend, most likely) and spun up a few yards of fat thick and thin – mostly just to make sure that I could.

Turns out I could. But man, does spinning thick ever eat up the roving (duh, laura). And space on the bobbin, dude. Unless you had a wheel like this crazy one, in which case…you can make enormous skeins. Or a Babe production wheel with the massive plying head.

The results of yesterday’s plying…

plus the extra singles

I loooooove my niddy noddy. Seriously. And it comes with the 1 and 2 yard lengths, so for that little bit of fat green corriedale I used the 1 yard arm. Excellent.

I’ve been thinking about the dyeing. I really want to do solar dyeing, like maybe in just a big black roasting pan with some kind of clear clamped-on top (like in the current issues of Spin-off). And I’m sure it’s hot enough to do it! But I just don’t have time this weekend.

In knitting, I’m working on the same old things. I’m almost done with the secret present though! So that should be done tonight, and maybe even the Monk’s Satchel strap. I’m going to do the outer pockets for that one, though, so don’t expect it done anytime soon…






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