spinning = crack

Okay, so there’s more spinning stuff. I’ll return to the knitting soon, though. I promise.

I made my first three-ply! (oh, and just so I say it – none of these yarns have been finished, so I think they will bloom out a bit more when that happens.)

In the back there is a leeetle skein (about 8 yards) of two-ply from after the first bobbin ran out, with the very last of the singles andean plied. I *adore* the three ply. Plying is so much fun! Figuring out how much to spin on each bobbin, not so fun. It certainly would have helped had I divided my roving into three pieces beforehand, but eh.

I learned, and have split up my merino/silk into equal pieces – but this is only for 2-ply, so it’s not as fussy. It sure is pretty!

I did only about 60 yards, around worsted knitting weight, but mostly I was testing out the limits of my bobbins. This was only a tiny amount – I think I can do twice as much. But I’m kind of cautious, because I don’t want to have to break for a new bobbin like 10 yards from the end of a skein! And I can’t afford the plying head right now, so that’s that.

To tell you the truth, I can’t afford much of anything right now – I think that Elann purchase of organic cotton last week really took away from my fiber money. But I’ve got 8 oz of the garnet merino/silk, and 8 oz of light blue, so that should hold me for a little while.

Anyway, I also spun up some Fleece Artist merino! (Too bad it comes in such a small put-up – only 50 grams, 1.75 oz!) I had initially wanted to ply it on itself, but then I realized…there’s just not much fiber there.

It’s plied with black sewing thread, and is about 70 yards of thick and thin. I think it’s cool, and it’s super soft – but I don’t really know what to do with it. I want to send it to a good home – so first one to express interest gets it! Gone to Megan H.!






4 responses to “spinning = crack”

  1. Jaime Avatar

    The colors in your 70 yards of thick & thin are gorgeous!

  2. ~Jo~ Avatar

    I can’t believe how much you can spin in such little time. I am really amazed by this. Need to find time to go to S&B and see this from my own eyes. :)

  3. Dani Avatar

    Why don’t you knit up a needle roll with all the different short pieces that you have spun? The thick and thin could be the flap, another piece could be the back, etc etc. It would be a good way to show off your spinning results. Or use the thick and thin lined with fabric. If no one else is interested in it, or doesn’t come up with a better idea, I could try something with it

  4. Emy Avatar

    That yarn looks gorgeous…I love how the colors pop!

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