Snazzy: first ripe tomatoes from my garden! They’re stripey!

Snazzy: Almost done one Traveler’s stocking. Soooo pretty. I’m using my own hand-dyed sock yarn and Knitpicks circs (fabulous for all those twists):

Snazzy: New Lantern Moon ebony circ, now available at Lettuce Knit! Oooooohhhhh.

Not so snazzy:

I’m sick. Blegh.

8 Responses to “snazzy and not so much”

  1. Sherri

    Love the socks! What’s the pattern? How are you liking the KnitPicks needles? I’m still debating whether to get them or not.

  2. Natalie

    I just allowed myself to be seduced by some Lantern Moon rosewood needles. It was the rotating join between cord and needle that did it.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sandra

    I’ve picked first tomatoes from my garden just two days ago! Sock is progressing nicely – coloure is great! Get better soon!

  4. Susan

    Where do you people live?? Our tomatoes were over and done with months ago–way too soon for me. I want to come and buy tomatoes where you are.
    Crystal Palace circs have that fabu rotating join. I bought some on sale. I wonder if that’s because they’re now marked ‘improved’. Maybe mine are not improved?


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