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Wow! Thanks for all the fantastic comments to my last entry – there were lots of things I haven’t seen or eaten and it’s going to take me awhile to cook up the interesting recipes :)

I’m working on a rather consuming secret project at the moment, but that’s almost done – so in between I’ve been working on some small, simple accessory-type knits. Especially ones that would be nice gifts for the holidays or take 1-2 skeins of yarn, and I’m working them up in some yarns we carry at lettuce knit.

First up off the needles is a simple shawl – my simple yet effective shawl, to be exact! I knit it in a skein of Noro Kureyon sock, alternating every 4 rows to break up the colour patterning a bit.

simple noro shawl/scarf thingy

I quite like the effect. It’s done now, went into a long soak in a Eucalan bath, and it’s now drying. It’s sort of a large scarf/small shawl size. And I love the way the yarn looks rewound into cakes!

noro sock yarn

As an aside, I can’t wait for the new Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4 lens. It’s a LOT more expensive than the AF 50mm f/1.8 that I have now, but autofocus! It would be so useful! I mean, my manual focusing skills are a little better now at least, but autofocus sure would be sweet. I’ll have to start saving my pennies now…the price tag’s a little ouch.

The weather here has turned rather suddenly, and it’s all about pulling out the thicker sweaters, my cashmere cowl (which is AMAZING!) and jacket, and…buying socks?

Despite my best efforts I can’t knit all the knee socks I wear – it would just be way too consuming! Better to save the knitting time for really cool knee sock patterns. Now that I’m finally out of school, I seem to be wearing the September clothes I always wanted to wear in high school – skirts, knee socks, and mary janes. Every day, pretty much (I have a lot of skirts and knee socks).

Of course, the dryer likes to eat store-bought socks, so I went out today to acquire some socks the easy way – might I recommend H&M. They didn’t have the organic cotton knee socks that I love so much (were they discontinued? I should’ve bought more) but they did have some fun argyle patterned and stripey knee socks that actually come in smaller sizes so the heel doesn’t poof out the back of my shoes!

Now if only I could justify these super kick-ass boots, I’d be all set for autumn! Bring on the sweater weather!

(This weather bodes well for sweater-wearing at Rhinebeck. It’s only TWO WEEKS AWAY!)



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23 responses to “small and simple”

  1. Bonnie Avatar

    Those boots are justified in themselves. I love your blog. Beautiful knits. Glad to see someone else is canning too.

  2. ysolda Avatar

    Did I show you my knee high dms? They’re not dissimilar to the fluevog ones. Or at least, they have just as many eyelets. Zips are a good invention!

  3. Erica Avatar

    Happy colours!

  4. Jody Avatar

    I love how the Noro sock yarn looks as a shawl! I may have to try that :)

    Woohoo for cooler weather and Rhinebeck is coming! I can’t wait!

  5. Debbie Avatar

    Oh my! Thank you for all of the great ideas! I love the little shawl, the cowl, and the socks. Do you have a pattern for the cowl and the socks? I would love to have them.

  6. Knittripps Avatar

    Welcome fall! I really could use a new pair of boots this year (and a pair or two of knee high socsk). I love how the noro sock yarn looks with simple yet effective shawl pattern.

  7. Claudia r Avatar
    Claudia r

    Knee socks and maryjanes sound cool–what kind do you wear? I’ve been thinking about investing in a pair so I can show off my hand made socks. Do you have any recommendations for a nice pair of maryjanes?

  8. fleur Avatar

    Trèèès joli et sûrement très chaud!

  9. Knitbug Avatar

    That swatch may be small but those colours are far too fantastic to be simple :)

    Isn’t it awesome that it’s finally chilly enough in the GTA to pull out the woolens? I agree, bring on the sweater weather! Even though I also am lemming some pricey boots :p

  10. gleek Avatar

    heh, once a fluevog girl, always a fluevog girl! i have two pairs of fluevog boots and they were each worth every penny :)

    hope to see you at rhinebeck!

  11. Allegra Avatar

    I LOVE the look of skirts, knee socks and mary janes. I always have and now you’ve inspired me to wear the trio more often. In fact I bought a new pair of MJs today, now I just have to work on finishing some handknit socks! Also, I am thinking of trying my hand at sewing skirts (I have a sewing machine, but have never used it, nor haven’t sewn ever)….what are your favorite skirt patterns?

  12. Jennifer Avatar

    Ooh – it’s gorgeous. Love the color and the yarn. It reallyo makes it dazzling. Two weeks until Rhinebeck? Oh no! I’m going to miss it again. Sob.

  13. elise Avatar

    love the deep purple of the kureyon!

  14. kitkatknit Avatar

    When you say alternating on the simple shawl with the kureyon, do you mean you did 4 rows from the center of the ball then 4 rows from the outside? Did you use the entire skein? And one more question… what sized needles did you go with? thanks!

  15. Kara Avatar is a great place to buy knee-high socks.

  16. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the look of the knee high socks with skirts, but I was told at work once to stop wearing them. It was reminding too many of my coworkers of Catholic school growing up!

    Now I just think about all of the fabulous socks out there and wear fun socks with my boring work ensemble.

  17. Sherri Avatar

    Those boots are totally kick ass!!!

  18. Anne Avatar

    That knits up nicely – it’s always neat to see ‘other’ projects with sock yarns, though I’m not a huge fan of noro, it certainly has gorgeous colors!

  19. Penny Peberdy Avatar
    Penny Peberdy

    It’s lovely but, reading the pattern, not quite the same as the Simple but Effective pattern.

  20. Jessica K. Avatar
    Jessica K.

    Were you able to complete the whole shawl in one skein of sock yarn? When you say you alternated, were you alternating skeins or using the two ends of one skein? Whatever the technique, it’s gorgeous!

  21. Brenda Avatar

    I love your little shawl. I have had your pattern ever since you first published it- way back when. Was it one ball of sock yarn and how big a shawl does that make?

  22. Debbie Avatar

    Oh, this is awesome! Gorgeous! I really want to make this–on top of a zillion other things I want to make. Thank you for sharing this!

  23. Katrina Avatar

    Love the pattern and the yarn is beautiful!!!! I just picked up your book here in the States and I just love it! So much info.. even how to knit socks up flat! Love it!!!

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