slipped stitch cardigan

You know what? I think I finished this cardigan, stuck the photo up on Ravelry but neglected to post about it here!

265.365 - slip stitch ridge cardigan

Slipped Stitch Cardigan (which still needs a proper name)

Pattern: my own; forthcoming
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, 6 skeins
Needles: 4mm

Notes: This is a bottom-up, circular yoked cardigan with lots of shaping and a round neck. The knitting was pretty easy, although figuring out how to decrease for the yoke took a but of doing!

I’m working on the pattern now – it’s all written, but needs to be edited and formatted, and I need some new photos too! So I’m hoping to have it up in a few weeks.

I’m almost done a new project that’s been on my needles for awhile but has been resisting completion – I’ve had to rip and reknit portions several times! I think I’m almost there though.

the koigu struggle

Koigu and garter stitch. Is there anything better?



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31 responses to “slipped stitch cardigan”

  1. Felicia from sweetgeorgia Avatar

    Beautiful new project, Laura… the rate at which you bring new designs to light is inspiring.

    I love the vertical slipped stitches too… very slimming :)

  2. Alicia Avatar

    That is beautiful & I love that color!

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the pattern, the slipped stitch sweater looks gorgeous! :)

  4. Jodi Avatar

    the cardigan is just lovely! can’t wait for the pattern.

  5. Chris Avatar

    Beautiful cardigan! I’m so looking forward to the pattern!

  6. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    That’s a really cute cardigan!

  7. Melissa Avatar

    Oh wow! Another cardigan I MUST have! I always love your designs, they flatter any figure! Can’t wait to see this one on my needles.

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Pretty sweater! Love the color, too.

  9. carolyn Avatar

    i LOVE your new sweater. hurry up with the pattern, yo!! :) hee hee!!!

  10. Rachel Avatar

    OOoo, thanks for sharing! I LOVE that! I can’t wait for you to get that pattern out, because I think my Aunt would love to have that sort of sweater. Beautiful!

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the lines of the new cardigan. It’s great to see it worked up in such an affordable workhorse yarn too!

  12. erin Avatar

    the cardigan looks amazing! can’t wait till there’s an available pattern!

  13. Mae Avatar

    The koigu and garter has my interest peaked! What could it be?!

  14. mai Avatar

    i love that sweater! great color.

  15. Lisa Avatar

    Looks great. Colour is lovely.

    How goes the 30 day shred?

  16. Bruxa Avatar

    Lovely cardigan!! Just like the rest of your patterns, to be honest :) Here’s another knitter looking forward to having it on her needles!

  17. carole Avatar

    Hey, i love this cardi, i’m waiting for the pattern … i will do this it’s beautiful. Thanks again.
    Carol, a knitter in paris

  18. Lynne Avatar

    oohhh I have the perfect yarn that I’m pretty sure has been waiting for this pattern!

  19. karen Avatar

    Lovely cardigan. Can’t wait for the pattern :^)

  20. Suzanne (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Gorgeous cardi! I look forward to making one of my own.

  21. Em Avatar

    That’s such a beautiful design! I can’t wait to give it a try.

  22. yvette Avatar

    Gorgeous and wearable. Stylish and practical. Want.

  23. Allison Avatar

    I love it! So flattering. Can’t wait to make it myself…

  24. Janelle Avatar

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait for the pattern to come out, I will definitely make this!

  25. Mamakin Avatar

    What a beautiful sweater! It’s such a flattering look that can be worn everywhere. I can’t wait for the pattern! I’m Mamakin on Rav :-)

  26. Patricia Avatar

    Very much looking forward to the pattern. Great job!

  27. van Avatar

    I stumbled on your blog not too long ago. Come out from lurking because the cardigan is absolutely beautiful. Simple and elegant! I can’t wait for the pattern.

  28. Dani Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater! I’m looking forward to the pattern for it.

  29. glenda Avatar

    Oh I love this cardigan. Will be waiting impatiently for the pattern to be released!!

  30. The Left-Handed Crafter Avatar

    Just gorgeous! Very sleek and well-tailored. I could definitely use a cardigan like that to keep me warm in an over-air-conditioned office! Looking forward to the pattern. : )

  31. christopher Avatar

    gorgeous! nice pattern! just great.. love it.. :)

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