sleeve island

The Cable/Rib sleeves may be done, but my stay is just getting started – I’m planning to start the sleeves of one (or two) new sweaters really soon. Tomorrow, maybe.

I should have made the sleeves a bit narrower, but oh well. I finished each sleeve with just a few yards (only 2 in the case of one of them sleeves!) left in the skein that was allotted to each sleeve. I’m almost done the second front, and it looks like I’ll have just enough yarn. We’ll have to see, though – this is kinda exciting, the prospect of running out of yarn. I’ve still got the back to do; I’m planning on taking out a few stitches and not blocking the fronts as severely, for a slightly smaller sweater.

I’ve also been dyeing up a storm of blueface leicester – lots of fun colours to spin up soon.



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3 responses to “sleeve island”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Oh, love the colorful roving picture!

  2. Julia Avatar

    My, those *are* fun colors. I’m with you on sleeve island, I’m doing my Hourglass sleeves right now, yawn.

  3. Karma Avatar

    I love your attitude… I’ve never thought that running out of yarn is “exciting”! :)

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