simple socks

farmhouse socks

Finally, an FO around here – it’s been ages! It’s not like I’m not knitting, I’m just not really getting anywhere these days, it seems…

Anyhoo. These are my first pair of Socks that Rock, despite my ownership of several (cough) skeins. Colourway Farmhouse, 64 stitches on Knitpicks US 0 circs, magic loop. Short row heel, wedge toe. Plain ol’ sock.

It was good company on the vacation, nice plain round and round. Didn’t get done until just last week, but whatever. I tried to make the socks long, long enough that I would’ve had to add calf shaping if I’d made them any longer, but I still have tons of yarn left over! Probably 20 grams or more (my scale is currently living at the store).

farmhouse socks

And, they even match! It’s been my experience when knitting a pair of socks from a hand-dyed, 100 g skein, that the two socks never really come out the same. One will stripe up all nice, the other will do weird pooling or something, despite the same gauge, knitter, and yarn. This skeins seems to have been very well behaved however, and the socks really do match – as much as hand-dyed sock yarn-socks can.

Done a new pair of socks just in time for a heat wave. Yipee!



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18 responses to “simple socks”

  1. claudine Avatar

    Beautiful socks! Love the colours.

  2. Adrienne Avatar

    Love the colors of your socks!! They look great!

  3. Jo Avatar

    Lovely socks – and I love how they do match. I can see you wearing those with jeans and having thr bright toes peeping out :)

  4. Leslie Avatar

    Great socks! The colors are wonderful.

  5. Romi Avatar

    Ooooooh. I *love* the colorway!

  6. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    What great socks! I love the colors. I’ve stopped knitting socks for the summer, which lasts about six months around here, but I still enjoy looking at other people’s.

  7. sari Avatar

    those socks are beautiful….. but even more beautiful is the gorgeous yarn that the yarn harlot has been making socks with that i didnt realize you had made….. ITS SO PRETTY! :)
    if i ever go to toronto i will make sure to go to lettuce knit and look for beautiful yarn!

  8. Jessica Avatar

    Lovely socks! They are great colors and looks like they fit well!

  9. Amy Avatar

    That’s a really nice colorway! It looks good with just plain jane stockinette.

  10. Rebecca Avatar

    Amazing! I have knit those very STR in that very colorway…plain vanilla pattern. Your Farmhouse colors look a little different from mine which are more muted. I enjoyed the feel of the yarn and agree, they do end up matching almost perfectly.

  11. Kristin Avatar

    Socks that rock is right!! The look good enough for desert. Really pretty colorway.

  12. Nonnahs Avatar

    Those are some great socks! I may or may not get crazy when it comes to symmetry, so I especially love how they match.

  13. lilknitter Avatar

    Just wanted to send a belated congratulations on your graduation (I didn’t know you were Canadian! I always assume everyone is from the States.)

    Pretty, pretty socks. Something very satisfying about plain ol’ stocking stitch, isn’t there. I think it gets a bad rap; it’s underappreciated.

  14. Julia Avatar

    Oh, those are so cute! =)

  15. Faith Avatar

    These are perfect socks! It shows off the yarn effectively, they look like the fit nicely, and it seems like something you’d wear more than once. Mind if I link?

  16. Nubiancraftster Avatar

    ohhhh love the colors. So glad the hand dyed didn’t pool

  17. Anna Avatar

    Gorgeous! I love the colors!

  18. susan Avatar

    Nice socks. I love the close up of the toes. There’s something about such perfect rows of color. I’ll stop knitting my socks sometimes just to marvel at the perfectness of it.

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