simple is enough

I’ve completed the body of the Rhinebeck handspun sweater up to the underarm.

Such a plain, oatmeal-coloured fabric is terribly satisfying.

I’m almost almost done a sleeve to the underarm (really just need like 3 more rounds, then it’s onto a holder so I can knit the second one at SnB tomorrow) so it’s going pretty quickly. I still need to make my charts for the yoke though.

Proof that it happens to everyone –




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2 responses to “simple is enough”

  1. lucie Avatar

    Congrats for your page!!! All your jobs are wonderful! I’m expecting a baby and i’d like to learn how to knit some baby clothes! (i have no idea how to knit) So hmm… do you know any site or magazine in which i could learn basic knitting stuff?… i’d really appreciate your help!! Thank you! ;)

  2. Zara Robertson Avatar

    i love to buy baby clothes for both my baby and my sister’s baby-~~

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