sewing for jess

Awhile ago my friend Jess lamented on Twitter that she had all these lovely fabrics from her travels in India but no time to sew it up, what with two little ones! So I volunteered to take the fabric and turn it into a quilt for her (with the understanding that it might take a long time…).

There are quite a few different fabrics and different weights – some are pretty thin – so I decided to just do a simple patchwork top with strip piecing. I cut strips 6.5″ (the width of the quilting ruler) x width of fabric, mixed them all up and went for it.

This Postage Stamp tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts was great – I’ve always been a bit willy-nilly with my seam allowances but this time I was determined to do it Properly.

sewing for Jess!

My points actually mostly match!

sewing for Jess!

Alternating seam allowances!

sewing for Jess!

I sewed up a storm this weekend and finished the top, which is quite huge, for a queen sized bed. Next up I need to figure out what to do for the back – I’m thinking stripes rather than blocks.

Reading: Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer. It’s the third book in a trilogy and I’m really enjoying it! Fast and very mysterious.







5 responses to “sewing for jess”

  1. Susan Avatar

    Those fabrics are really beautiful!

  2. Kat Avatar

    Love those fabrics! And I’m really jealous of how well your corners are lining up :)

  3. Allison Avatar

    So pretty! Jess is lucky to have such an avid seamstress as a friend :)

    1. Laura Avatar

      I laughed because I sew so rarely and have to be in exactly the right mood! But thank you!

  4. Robby Avatar

    The simplicity of your design really lets those great fabrics shine. And nice crisp meeting points are rather satisfying, even after all the time I’ve been quilting.

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