Category: quilting

  • A Quilt for Jess

    My friend Jess lives in Brooklyn with her two adorable kids, and we’ve been online friends for years! She was lamenting that she had all these beautiful fabrics that she’d brought back from a trip to India, but never enough time to do something with them. I’ve really been enjoying hand quilting the last few […]

  • a quilt sandwich

    A little bit of progress on Jess’ quilt! I finished piecing the back – but I was coming up a bit short on fabric! It turns out I made the top rather bigger than the queen sized batting, so I ended up picking off a few columns of squares and using them for the back […]

  • sewing for jess

    Awhile ago my friend Jess lamented on Twitter that she had all these lovely fabrics from her travels in India but no time to sew it up, what with two little ones! So I volunteered to take the fabric and turn it into a quilt for her (with the understanding that it might take a […]