settling in and catching up

Whew. I think things are finally sort of settling down a bit, although I have loads of stuff to do for the apartment still – setting up another shelf, general organization (especially the yarn! and my office), plus the usual daily/weekly stuff like dishes and laundry. I’m hoping to have a bit of time to myself in the next week or two to get things the way I want them, but we’ll see! This weekend I’m getting a new stove – hooray for a good landlord – so that’ll be a bit disruptive, but awesome!

How about a few apartment photos?

living room/dining area

(looking from the bedroom through the living/dining room, office is at the back)

rainbow books

Books! Knitting books and cookbooks.

I’ve been knitting up the cover sweater from the fall Interweave for a store sample, in purple Manos Naturals. Colour’s a bit off here, it’s a cooler purple.

clasica jacket

I’m also hard at work on editing and doing finally proofing so I can release some patterns!

macro lace cardigan, back

I know some people have been waiting very patiently for a few patterns, and I apologize for the delay – who knew that moving was such a time suck? (Everyone, I’m pretty sure). So I’ve decided to release 3 patterns together as a collection, the Macro Lace cardigan above, the Hibiscus shawl, and the Honeybee cardigan which will be available in two lengths (cropped and full length).

Hibiscus shawl

Honeybee cardigan

The patterns will be available separately as usual, or all together for a discount. Or at least, as soon as I figure out how to do that on Ravelry! Now, I need some help – I need a name for this little collection! The name chosen will receive a free copy of all three patterns.

Any ideas? Much obliged!



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97 responses to “settling in and catching up”

  1. Luise Avatar

    Such nice patterns. How about Twists and Turns OR Flights of Fancy ?

    Enjoy your new space.

  2. allison Avatar

    Glad to see you’re getting settled in! It’s always exciting to have a new apartment :) My vote for a name is Flora Collection. The Macro lace reminds me of tulips, and bees like flowers.

  3. Tineke Avatar

    Love the designs, all 3 of them!! How about Lacy Knits

  4. Kate Avatar

    I love the shawl, how about the Fleur de Lace collection?

  5. Carol Avatar

    I like Flora & Fauna collection (let the bees have their own classification!)

  6. Rocksolana Avatar

    Here are a few that came to my mind:
    Florabee Collection
    Bee my Honey Collection
    Bees and Blooms (or Blossoms)
    Nature’s Bounty Collection

  7. Allegra Avatar

    I like many of the names above, so I am not going to add to the list. But I just had to tell you that I think all three of the designs are great, but the Honeybee cardi is AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to knit this up! I love the color you chose and it looks gorgeous on you!
    Enjoy your new apartment! Looks great!

  8. Emily Avatar

    Many good names so far, I especially like flora and fauna. And I love that honeybee cardigan!

    How about “Open Up”: a Collection of Three Lace Knits?

  9. Michele K. Avatar
    Michele K.

    Flowers + bees? How about the Nectar Collection?

  10. mick Avatar

    Each of those knits looks summery to me, though they’re definitely adaptable to fall and winter wardrobes. So how about “Eternal Summer”?

  11. Julie Avatar

    What a great apartment – I love the frenchdoors to the bedroom! It looks like it has great light too. I have no idea for a name, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bottom sweater. Mine will be knit in a full length. :)

  12. Claire Avatar

    How about “Moving Becomes You” collection?

  13. Erin Avatar

    Moving is the WORST! Glad you survived. How about “Phoenix” since the patterns emerged from the ashes/pain of moving? That, and all three would qualify as winter garments in the Arizona city of the same name.

  14. Jory Avatar

    You apartment looks lovely. I need to move to Canada if this is wear lovely apartments are to be found. I can’t wait for the honeybee cardigan pattern to be released- I’ve already bought the yarn for it. I have a rather cheeseball submission for the collection name, “Autumn Metamorphosis”. I think all of these patterns look very well suited for that turning of the seasons time.

  15. Jory Avatar

    I used the wrong “wear” in my earlier comment and it’s making me twitch. I meant “where”.

  16. J Avatar

    How about “Lacy Days”?
    Can’t wait to try the honeybee cardigan!

  17. Killoran Avatar

    I love, love, love honey bees. I can’t wait to knit the cardigan. All I could come up with was Florabee Knits [Collection].

    Lovely apartment!

  18. Yolande in NB Avatar
    Yolande in NB

    The bees are out and about among the new blooms in June. How about Solstice collection? Love your blog and your patterns.

  19. silvia Avatar

    How about “The Birds and the Bees {Collection}”. They’re lovely!

  20. Sheena Avatar

    Pretty Pollen Collection?

  21. kelly jo Avatar

    Moving is no fun, but the new apartment looks awesome! My thoughts on the patterns – what about Fall Breeze. They look like something you would put on for cool fall days!

  22. Amber Avatar

    No name ideas – just wanted to say YAY for honeybee release! I’ve been hoping you release it ever since you first posted the teaser pics (usually when I see something I like, I can reverse engineer it … but this was way too complicated for me). Ohhh, now I have to pick out a yarn for it! Yay! Thank you!

  23. Robin Avatar

    I like Flora & Fauna and Solstice from above.

    My suggestion: Sweet Covers

  24. May Avatar

    My suggestion: peu de dentelles

  25. Eunice Avatar

    Is there a Cosmic Collection I yet?

  26. elizabeth Avatar

    how about, Fall Lace Essentials!

  27. luv2stitch Avatar

    All three of the patterns are so pretty. How about Exquisite Trio.

  28. kelly-ann Avatar

    How about Wanderlust due to your travels?

  29. Sam La Tricoteuse Avatar
    Sam La Tricoteuse

    The Textures Collection !!!!

  30. browncurls Avatar

    I think you should call it the Femme Collection, since these three are more feminine than your other patterns. I love them all, but especially the Honeybee cardigan!

  31. Rose Avatar

    Love the new apartment!! Cool floors and glass doors!

  32. Amber Avatar

    Dude, that’s totally a Powerpuff Girl trio of knits — Bubbles Blossom and Buttercup ^_^

    Or, if you wanna get really nerdy with it, Pythagorean, Pythagorean Knittin, something — he was a bee keeper, and, since knitting, especially lace knitting, is pretty mathematical and geometrical, kinda fits IMO.

    I’m glad you went with the grey buttons with that pink yarn, it’s such a classic combo and I love the blue in the grey bringing out the cooler side of the pink.

  33. Jenny Avatar

    yes, moving is hard work, and a total time suck. Anxiously awaiting the patterns. How about “For the Love of Lace”.

  34. Sandra Avatar

    How about ‘Cross Pollinate’?

    The new apt looks fab. Good luck with the rest of the organizing!

  35. susannahbean Avatar

    Your apartment looks really great! I love the doors to your bedroom (I think) from the first photo.

    As for the collection… I’ve come up with:

    Burst and Bloom (a Cursive album), The Posy Collection, and a nerdy one… The Apis-Anther collection (Apis is latin for ‘bee’, and the anther of a flower holds the pollen)…

    Thinking of suitable collection names is pretty damn hard!

  36. Jewell Avatar

    Nice patterns! How’s about “Trois Style”?

  37. brella Avatar

    Three Studies in Lace!

  38. Maryse Avatar

    Wow! There are some very nice names above! These are already inspiring patterns!
    My suggestion: Garden of roses.

    Nice apartment! And good luck with all your work! You’re doing great!

  39. Gudrun Avatar

    Apartment looks very cute as do the designs! I hear you may be in the Western Mass area in the not too distant future? If so I look forward to meeting you!

  40. Susan Luni Avatar

    Great apartment, the light and space of it is wonderful. For the three patterns, I’d suggest “Coral Collection” or Coral Knits”, as a reference to the colors (all shades of pink) and the inspiration (your Hawaii trip) and that they are all fairly lightweight and appropriate for island wear.

  41. Julie Avatar

    I think you should call it The Lace Garden collection, since all 3 are lace with very different floral images. Although I love the suggestion that someone made earlier of Cross Pollinate!

  42. Kathy Avatar

    Love the new collection. How about calling it Laura’s Laces-a collection?

  43. Lauren Avatar

    How about “Lace-a-licous!”
    Just kidding.

  44. Amanda Avatar

    “Modern Lace”, perhaps?

    I’ve been eyeing the Honeybee test knits on Ravelry for awhile.

    And I only wish I could find an apartment that nice around here! Everything I’ve ever seen has no character and identical. I’m living vicariously through you and what I would love to live in. :)

  45. kylie Avatar

    how about the laced with nature collection.

  46. Pam Avatar

    I like the “Blooming Lace” or “Garden Trellis” Collection. Absolutely lovely

  47. Pix Avatar

    Hm…name, name….

    Lace for Three Seasons? (You could always add a hat or thicker-yarn lace scarf and make it four seasons worth! ;) )

  48. Marie-Josée Avatar

    What about : “Jeux de mailles” ou “Dentelles” ?

    I am waiting for these patterns for so long : so pretty and feminine…especialy the Hibiscus shawl and honeybee cardigan.

  49. Shannon Avatar

    How about “Transition”? Since all of these pieces are good transition pieces from summer to fall..and of course because of your move.

  50. Maria Avatar

    Gosh Laura! Those are gorgeous! Can’t wait for the patterns to be available!

    What about ‘Lacy Favorites’ (or ‘Lacy Favourites’ for your Canadian/British fans)?

  51. Betsy Baumann Avatar
    Betsy Baumann

    I love all your work , your designs make me want to try things I wouldn’t otherwise do.
    This collection is just so Girly Girl , so that’s my Idea.Cosmicpluto’s Girly Girl group , that may be one to many G’s.
    Thanks for all the super patterns.

  52. Moggle Avatar

    All lovely. How about the ‘think pink’ collection?

  53. Rhonda Avatar

    How about Summer’s End Collection.
    Awesome patterns.

  54. Cory Ellen Avatar

    I have been eyeing the honeybee lace cardigan ever since you started knitting it!

    Name ideas:
    Botanical Collection, Secret Garden Collection, Late Spring Collection

    Can’t wait until they’re released.

  55. Eleanor (undeadgoat) Avatar

    Aaugh–trying not to read others’ suggestions in order to remain uncontaminated!

    The designs are absolutely lovely! If I were in charge of naming the collection, I think I would go with “Cross-Pollinations”.

  56. Nada Avatar

    how about “garden party”?

  57. ajdury Avatar

    Love that last little cardi! It’s adorable on you.

    As for a name?

    The Beginnings Collection or The Cool Breeze Collection

  58. Lisa (bobbinknit) Avatar
    Lisa (bobbinknit)

    Honeybee Suite is my suggestion. (The Honeybee Cardigan is my favorite.)

  59. Renee Avatar

    Lovely patterns. How about New Perspectives collection in honor of your move?

  60. Ina Avatar

    I thought of “Lace, lace, lace”, or – an even more obvious tribute to the Beatles – “All you need is Lace”.

  61. Anne Avatar

    looks like bees and flowers .. how about

    Abuzz With Blossoms?

  62. kimchi Avatar


    how about:
    pretty in pink

  63. Andrea Avatar

    I have two: A Touch of Lace and Lace Luxuries

    They’re all great!

  64. Tamara Avatar

    I can imagine throwing on any one of those on my way out the door to hangout with friends. So how about Casual Lace?

  65. Kala Avatar

    I would call it “Summer’s End” because all of the pieces look perfect for those last days of summer where it really starts to cool down in the evening :)

  66. Patty Avatar

    The Aloha Collection since they remind me of Hawaii with the Hibiscus flower and the pretty colors.

  67. kellery Avatar

    How about the Layla Lynn Collection?

    Love the knits!

  68. Courtney L. Avatar
    Courtney L.

    My suggestion for a group title is “The Pink Ladies” for the obvious color reference and who doesn’t love a good Grease throwback!

  69. Reve Avatar

    flora and fauna

  70. B.F.D. Avatar

    I suggest the “Nectar Lace Collection” or the “Mendelian Lace Collection”, after Gregor Mendel, father of genetics, who spent a lot of time with flower, pollen, and bees.

  71. jody Avatar


  72. PICAdrienne Avatar

    Laura’s Laceworks Volume 1

    With your creativity you need to leave room for expansion.

  73. ExecutiveKnitter Avatar

    Name it: Moving Moments or Transitions

  74. Bloo Avatar

    My ideas are:

    Fleur Elise
    The Rose Foliage Collection
    Sweetknits and Light

  75. Katie Weber Avatar

    My suggestions:

    Lace story
    Birds and the Bees

    they are all beautiful by the way!


  76. Bruxa Avatar

    My suggestion is “The Moving Pattern Collection”… for obvious reasons ;)

    I absolutely LOVE the Honeybee cardigan!! I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available :)

  77. Sweetea Avatar

    Mmmm….I love these three designs and in Vermont they all would be necessary items to have in the late summer/early fall when we try to cram in a ton of events pre-winter shut in. So how about “September Shin-Dig”?

  78. Debra Colmers Avatar
    Debra Colmers

    Who knew one could move AND produce three exciting new looks. My suggestion(s): The Space(s)In-Between. Isn’t that what lace is all about?


  79. Elizabeth Avatar

    How about “Wrapped in Romance”?. They all look so very feminine and romantic. Or “The Romantic
    Collection”. Maybe “Fall in Love Collection”.

    Lovely, lovely patterns. Can’t wait to knit them.

  80. Leah Avatar


    And please hurry, so I can knit the cropped honeybee sweater to go with a dress for a wedding in 3 weeks! It’s just perfect.

  81. Ren-Yi Avatar

    many of those patterns are ideal for the onset of fall, something to keep warm in the cool evening? And especially with the timing of your pattern release, it will be just in time for the fall knits. So here are my suggestions:

    * Falling Into You Collection (with a pun on falling into the Fall season)
    * Indian Summer Dream (for the terminology “Indian Summer” where we can blissfully hope for a few more warm days & not so chilly evenings)

    gorgeous patterns though — looking forward :)

  82. Eva Avatar

    What about “flirting with romance”

  83. Dee Avatar

    How about: Moving On with Lace

  84. margaux Avatar

    i LOVE that cropped cardigan! Beautiful.

  85. Deb in PA Avatar
    Deb in PA

    Cute projects!

    How about New Beginnings for a collection name?

  86. etcgirl Avatar

    2009: A Cosmic Lace Odessy


  87. Amy B. Avatar
    Amy B.

    hmmmm… how about the trellis collection!

  88. RubyTandMe Avatar

    Summer’s End
    In my Garden
    Afternoon Tea

  89. connie Avatar

    I’m ignoring the comments for now. I hope that I’m not duplicating name ideas.

    The first real thing that came to me after looking and looking at the FOs was:
    “in the Garden.”

    I can really picture the garden in these knits. They are all so lovely! And I love the gray buttons on your Honeybee!

    As to your new apartment~ I may leave my hubby and children to come stay with you for a while! It looks so lovely and peaceful. Ahhh…

    Enjoy the excitement of the new!

  90. emma Avatar

    procrastination collection…or fresh starts.

  91. wendy Avatar

    How about…The Botanica Collection? Or The Trillium Trio or Collection. Since it is the official flower of Ontario and all…

    Love the new place!

  92. Emily Avatar

    how about “My Garden in September”? (change to a later month if needed!) or even just “September Garden”. either way, lovely work, and congrats on moving! lots of work that’s for sure.

  93. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I would call them the O’Keefe collection. All three pieces remind me of the larger than life O’Keefe flower paintings!

  94. Karina Avatar

    “A Taste of Paradise” or “In Full Bloom”

  95. Robin McMillan Avatar
    Robin McMillan

    How about Three Seasons of Lace. Or just Three Seasons. The Macro lace reminds me of ivy (fall), the Hibiscus for summer, and the Honeybees for spring.

  96. Serina Avatar

    Summer’s Reminiscence

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