seeing red

Gahhhh. Last night as I worked on the first sleeve of Cloud, I realized something was off…

Then I realized what I’d done…I’d figured out the total number of sleeve stitches, and provisionally cast that number on to do the yoke. But, I had forgetten to count the underarm gusset stitches – so I had 14 stitches too many! Wayyy to much.

Sigh. Well, it’s back on track, and I think I might do something different with the neckline this time – it’s still a v-neck, though.

Speaking of red, here’s some yarn I wound up today:

See a theme? On top is more Koigu for the skirt, in the middle Silky Wool to swatch/start a pullover, and on the bottom is Blue Sky cotton for a pullover a la “Simply Marilyn” from Interweave. Smaller gauge, though.

I’m in raglans up to my ears! The Silky Wool and Silky Tweed I bought at the KW fair are going to be put together in a pullover with grey sleeves and a red body. I’m going to make a BIG swatch and be very careful about my calculations, so hopefully it’ll actually come out fitted! The Blue Sky cotton will be another seamless raglan (I think seams in this weight will be too bulky), but with a cable and a few other interesting details.

Ah, red. Such an autumn colour – my favourite season!



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  1. jody Avatar

    ugh! i’m so sorry to see you had to frog that whole yoke.

    you probably know this (but just in case) i would definitely wash the silky wool/tweed swatches. i find the yarn changes texture quite a bit when washed (which probably effects gauge too). it gets soften and more pliable and really becomes a wonderful fabric!

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