Hoo boy. I have so much work, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

So what do I do? Knit knit knit! (Although I am trying to kind of cut down by forcing myself to take notes and actually, you know, study.)

I finished one sleeve of Katy, and I’ll cast on for the other tonight so I can knit the ribbing on the subway ride down to school. I used the sloped bind-off for this, which rocks. See the tail of yarn there (it ends just at the edge of the photo)? That was the end of the skein! Lucky.

More sleeves – almost done the second Simply Autumn sleeve, just a few more rounds to go.

Very little progress on the first of the Vera knee socks. Knee socks on size 0’s? What was I thinking?

At any rate, they should be faster once I get sort of established in what I’m doing with the shaping, because right now I need to knit and calculate at home. When I can take it with me, then there should be some progress! At this rate though, it’ll be cold before I can actually wear them.

Cloud is done, washed, dried in the machine (really firmed it up, which is great) and isn’t too big! It’s a little loose, but that’s okay. Probably modelled pics tomorrow, if I can get my head outta the books for a minute.



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5 responses to “running”

  1. Stacey Avatar

    Darn! I wish you had posted about the sloped bind off 1 day earlier! I JUST finished binding off my sleeve caps and am a bit miffed how stair stepped they look! Oh well, lesson learned – now I know for the future!

    As an aside, I am casting on this week for the top down cardi in my chunky gauge!

  2. Megann Avatar

    You seem to knit lots and lots of socks. I never have, and I’m feeling the itch to do so. Can you recommend a good book or pattern as a place to start? Would you recommend starting with the magic loop way, or just start with dpns? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I may even name my first pair after you!

  3. Julia Avatar

    This is my first time reading your blog, and I plan to keep checking in, beautiful stuff! Everything looks like items you can wear and keep around for a long time as well. Sometimes I tend to knit trendy little doo-dads, but those are good for learning new techniques on. I love the fall colors in this post, gorgeous. Good luck studying!

  4. Eilene Avatar

    I can’t wait to see Cloud (You are right…the neck is perfect) & Katy!

  5. Lolly Avatar

    Those socks are off to a lovely start :)

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