herringbone skirt, iii.

Herringbone Skirt
Pattern: from Knitscene Fall 2007
Yarn: 8 skeins Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I forget what the colour name is, but it’s, you know, red.
Needles Hook: 3.25 mm Boye

I just finished up this skirt Wednesday morning, finally. It seemed like a forever project, but it did actually work up relatively quickly – and I love the result!

herringbone skirt, ii

I do kind of wish I’d started the flarey part a little earlier, so it would be a longer section of the skirt, but it worked out fine. I did modify the seaming, slightly – the directions tell you to ch 2 between each sc of the seam. Didn’t make much sense to me, I tried it and just decided to nix the ch 2’s.

I think I used 3/4″ elastic rather than the 1″ the pattern calls for, and also canned the bottom mini-ruffle. It was a bit too much for me and definitely would’ve taken more than the eight skeins the pattern called for.

The fabric, being crocheted, is pretty see-through…

see-through skirt

But since it is a wool skirt, I’ll always be wearing leggings or tights underneath. And if not, there’s always the old-fashioned (but very useful) half-slip.

Not bad for a first crochet project, eh? I’ve done crochet edgings and stuff before, but this was my first all-crochet project and first time following a crochet pattern. I’m glad it worked out – now I’m seeing a little more crochet in my future.

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  1. ZhiWen

    It is beautiful! It doesn’t look like your first all-crochet project, the stitches all look very even and pretty :) Congrats!

  2. Marya

    What a beautiful skirt. Practically everything you knit is among my favorites–makes me want to just follow in your footsteps.

    Speaking of which, I knitted a beautiful “Thermal” sweater using Knitpicks gloss in burgundy. I just loved the yarn, but it doesn’t come in very many colors–in fact, no other colors I could wear. Now I’d like to make another Thermal, or at least a variation. Do you know of any other similar yarns (silk/wool blend, fingering weight) that might come in other shades and don’t cost the moon? (I’ve also fan-emailed Knitpicks urging them to produce gloss in more colors….)

    Thank you!

  3. Becca

    This makes me think that possibly crocheting is not the demonic art that I’ve been assuming. I’m not ready to say that I want to crochet, but I do want one of these skirts! Great job.

  4. Anna

    That’s gorgeous! It makes me want to learn to crochet, but I’ve already tried and given up twice. :(

  5. Dana

    lovely, lovely skirt! and the half-slip _is_ a beautiful thing. i know women are not into wearing ‘foundation’ garments much anymore, but i always find they smooth the lumps and bumps, if you know what i mean! :)

  6. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

    That really looks beautiful–sort of old-fashioned and hip at the same time. Great job! (Oh, and you might be interested–I would if it were me–I just finished your Vino sweater coat, which I love! I’ll be posting FO pictures tomorrow.)

  7. elise

    wow, that’s your *first* crochet project? call me impressed. great looking skirt. how long did it take to make? i used to be strictly a knitter, but i’ve really warmed up to crochet this year, too.

  8. Ursula

    Love the skirt!! That skirt is definitely going on my very long “to do” list.

  9. Luv2stitch

    Beautiful! I’m working on my skirt and it’s so nice to see how good yours looks. I was wondering about the “flare” because the pic in the magazine doesn’t look as nice as yours.

  10. Luni

    I think it came out very cute. It is very wearable, I mean, it looks perfectly done and has a designer flair. You should be proud to wear it.
    Did you notice that it took a lot more yarn than knitting? That’s a drawback, but I think the firmer fabric is more suited to a skirt.

  11. kyle

    beautiful skirt – I am always wanting to knit skirts, but I’d look pretty silly in them (even though I AM in los angeles…)

    congrats – finishing things always makes me feel proud!

  12. Tanya

    I *love* it! I liked it in the magazine, but your version…well it almost makes me want to learn to crochet. That is a very cute skirt.

  13. not an artist

    This skirt is seriously hot. I saw you wearing it on Wednesday at LK and I kept wanting to go over and fondle it, but I thought that might come across as a bit weirder than normal, even for me.

  14. carolyn

    you are amazing….ok, how do you knit so fast, your secret, please, and you have lots of other things going in life, wow. the skirt is beautiful!

  15. Debbie

    Hi Laura!

    I really like your new skirt!! The color is perfect for fall! I too have never done anything w/crochet other than an afghan, edging and flowers. Seeing your beautiful skirt makes me want to do something outside of my comfort zone…e.g. crocheting! I think I would have major questions about shaping w/crochet. Did you find the pattern easy to follow with your experience? I may have to pick up an issue of Knitscene.

    Anywho, it looks great on you! I am amazed and inspired on how fast you get your projects done :-)

    Happy Knitting!

  16. susan

    If this is the skirt I’m thinking of I didn’t like it at all in the magazine. Your version, though, is really pretty. I love the color and the flare at the bottom.

  17. Seanna Lea

    I loved the skirt in the magazine, but haven’t gotten around to making it yet (I have 7 skeins of Silky Wool in probably the same color as your skirt). I’ll probably make the same thing. It’s good to see that it doesn’t really lose anything dumping the last bit of ruffle.


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