new performance gloves!

I finished my gloves with time to spare! I knit the fingers at work yesterday and wove in all the ends.

new performance gloves!

No pattern for this one, just 3 balls of black Baby Ull, some 2.25mm double points and lots of stockinette. I started with 72 sts and decreased down to 44 for the hand (at 8 sts/in) – told you I have small wrists! They’re nice and long and super comfortable too.

Instead of finishing the tops of the fingers like the top of a hat (cut a tail, pull through the live sts) I chose to graft them instead. I have another pair of knit gloves that I did the usual pull-through finish with, and they always have a bit of a hole left at the top. This way is nice and secure at the ends.

YIP: February 20

I also finally managed to find a top to wear for this performance (and probably others) – I really didn’t know where to go to buy these kinds of clothes anymore, but I ended up at Le Chateau and found just the thing (cheap too). The full effect, although I’ll be wearing a different skirt:

new performance gloves!

Nothing to do tonight? Come see me and lots of other great people perform! We are the Trampions, a Queen tribute show – Lee’s Palace at 10pm, tickets $12. See you then!

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  1. brista

    These are freaking fabulous. I love them. I like long gloves so much better than normal wrist-length ones. I want to make them! Right now!

  2. Emily

    When I cinch the top of something by threading the yarn through to close it, I run it around each stitch twice- it comes out a lot neater and more secure that way. (I think I got that tip from the Handy Book of Patterns.)

  3. Maryse

    The tips of the fingers look really nice to me. It’s a great idea! Love the long gloves, they must feel great!

  4. kingshearte

    Le Chateau is excellent for that kind of thing, as long as one is not in the market for an investment piece.

    And those gloves are fabulous! If only we all had more call to wear opera-length gloves on a regular basis.

  5. TracyKM

    Cool gloves! When I needed new tops for performances, I went to Winner’s. And of course, Vallue Village, LOL.
    Recently, I read to draw the yarn through the sts twice as it fills the sts better, and I have noticed a big improvement. Also, I don’t know if others do this, but I start with the next st and go around as if I were knitting. And to close it off and prevent a little hole I pull it tight, then put the needle into the center and pull it through to the inside. It fills up the potential hole spot.

  6. Dawn in ND

    You found a GREAT top to go with those gloves. Very snazzy outfit! I hope the performance went well!

  7. Seanna Lea

    Beautiful. Your wrist size is within a jot of mine (I measure at just over 5.5), so I could probably get away with using your numbers. Baby Ull is so darn affordable that I might go out and buy some this weekend!

  8. Elspeth

    I LOVE Le Chateau! We used to have them here in the States but I think they’ve all gone. And I LOVE those gloves!!!!

  9. Angel

    Wow, it’s beautiful and very glamorous. It make me think to Rita Hayworth in Gilda. It ‘s a very nice work.

  10. Cousin Tori

    LA LA LA LOVE these LAura!! Need them and will pay! lol Same length, same colour, just perfect :)


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