So I go outside this morning to water my plants, and what do I see?

A knocked over container (carrots, but they weren’t doing so hot anyway), and a hole dug pretty much all the way down to the bottom of the squash pot:

And then….the peppers. Oh, my precious, precious peppers!

Darn rascals got ’em all. Dammit. At least there are flowers, so there can be more peppers. I guess I’ll have to put a cage around them! Argh!

Anyway. In FO news, I have some new socks all done.

Strange Little Mama socks
Pattern: basic, on 64 sts, short row heel
Yarn: Vesper sock yarn, Strange Little Mama
Needles: Addi Turbo US0
Finished: August 6, 2006

They’re a really good fit, nice and snug. And the turbos were fine for a plain stockinette sock, although picking up the short row wraps kind of sucked. Now, though, I have some Knitpicks circs and they rock! More on that tomorrow.

6 Responses to “oh, the carnage”

  1. allison

    Oh! Those pictures of your garden make me so sad. A cage sounds like a good idea, though. I love those new socks, too.

  2. Macoco

    That little critter is so rude! Even though it’s not pretty, a cage is probably a good idea.

    The socks look fantastic!


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