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As I went through my sock yarn bin, I realized that I don’t have as much sock yarn now as I used to – at least, not in sock quantities! I’ve been stashing a lot more sock yarn in sweater quantities, as it turns out! Lots of sock yarn being used to make scarves, too.

Nevertheless, I did dig up some that I’m just not in love with anymore – time to move on.

more destashing!

More info on Flickr and Ravelry.

It’s not allll re-organizing around here, I have been doing just a wee bit of knitting – man, I just don’t know where the time goes, but I don’t think I’ve been using it very effectively.

My grandfather’s vest has been getting a little time in, but it still just looks like a blob:

vest blob

I need to seam the shoulders and do the button and armhole bands and then I’ll be done! That’s on tap for today – I hope.

And because I can never leave well enough alone with the on-the-needles list, I started something for myself, too. I’m bypassing a lot of winter this year by going on my trip – that’s prime knitting season! So I thought I’d try to get at least one more sweater in before I go. It’ll be my trip sweater, to be worn basically every day anywhere it’s cooler (Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Edinburgh).

It’s another Lucy sweater (it’s been over two years since I released that pattern? crikey), a bit bigger this time, and will be longer too. I’m thinking of re-releasing a new version of the pattern with a couple bigger sizes and a new layout, but I’m not sure – I certainly wouldn’t be able to get to it before my trip, but maybe during it.

new lucy on the needles

I’m using Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade. I love this yarn (I’ve got 2 sweaters out of it!) but this colour is rubbing off on my hands all over the place, and that sucks. I can’t decide whether I should try setting the dye on the other skeins before I knit with them, or just on the whole thing once it’s done. The second option will leave me with black fingertips a lot, though. Hmmmm.



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4 responses to “now featuring sock yarn”

  1. knithoundbrooklyn Avatar

    Interesting dilemma. How do you set the dye? Soak it in vinegar?

  2. Wendolene Avatar

    Wow–ambitious! I’m just hoping to get a hat and some sachets in before Christmas. I can’t wait to see the vest all finished–it’s such a cool color!

  3. PaulaRed Avatar

    Hi I would love it if you released Lucy in extended sizing…otherwise, keep up the inspiration for us plebian knitters out there! happy holidays!

  4. pamma Avatar

    what a harrowing experience. i don’t think i could have faced such an intense amount of frogging!
    and then accidently cutting your knitting during the whole process…
    you should get an award for patience!

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