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  • can’t believe I almost forgot to post this!

    I’ve been going through my trip photos trying to distill them into a good slideshow length for the family (get-together over Easter = trip slideshow time) and I found this one that Vig took! This was in Udaipur, Rajasthan (the place with the windy, hilly roads, lake palace, and Octopussy). We were just walking along, […]

  • FO: Lucy in the Sky

    So, way back in January I was working on a new version of my Lucy cardigan before I set out on my trip. Despite the minor snag in the underarm gusset, I did get it done, blocked, and buttons sewn on right before I left! Of course I didn’t get around to taking any photos […]

  • Feb 27 – March 4: one last stop!

    It was a LONG flight from Delhi to London – over nine hours. The flight was on Virgin, and despite what I’d heard about it being a nice airline, I didn’t have a great experience. My seatmate was a nice lady who shared my sentiments! There were kids screaming and running up and down the […]