FO: Lucy in the Sky

So, way back in January I was working on a new version of my Lucy cardigan before I set out on my trip. Despite the minor snag in the underarm gusset, I did get it done, blocked, and buttons sewn on right before I left!

Lucy in the Sky

Of course I didn’t get around to taking any photos of it in Japan and China, despite wearing it all the time and taking photos all the time! I think it was mostly because anywhere I was wearing it, I was also wearing a heck of a lot of other layers on top to keep warm.

I think I must’ve used just 4 skeins of Dream in Color Classy to knit it up, because I bought five and have one still kicking around! The colourway is Black Parade, which is a superdark blue-black. Love. The yarn is great for this pattern – sturdy but soft, smooth, and the texture shows up really nicely.

I made the body and sleeves longer than my other brown one (which I also still wear a lot) and made a larger bust size (35″ for 36″ me). I also knit the collar onto the buttonband rather than sewing it on afterwards. One of the two sweaters I brought on the trip, it got a LOT of wear and still looks great! It’s even been washed and dried in the Indian sun, which is pretty special.

Lucy in the Sky

Ysolda took a few photos while we were at the Botanics, predicting that I’d be blogging about it in two weeks. I think that was *exactly* two weeks ago! I had fun knitting my own pattern again, and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot.

Lucy in the Sky

(Kind of a crazy photo – I’m working my way around Photoshop for the first time ever, and I think the levels in this photo were just a little weird to start with!)

Next time:

227.365 - photoshoot

P.S. I almost forgot! Thalia asked in the comments what shoes I took on my trip – an excellent question, I think! I took exactly one (1) pair of shoes – my Doc Marten mary janes that Ysolda and I both bought when I went to Europe in September. Since I wore them all around then, I knew they could stand up to a lot of walking, and I was right! They’re really supportive, and versatile enough for cold or hot weather – in cold weather I wore thick, thigh-high socks with leggings underneath; in hot weather I just wore some little cotton ankle socks. They’re perfect shoes. I should probably buy another pair!




8 responses to “FO: Lucy in the Sky”

  1. Christina Avatar

    It looks great!

    I have now knit two of your sweater patterns. As a relatively new knitter, now that I have just started a pattern by someone else, I genuinely appreciate how thorough you are when you write your patterns. Thank you!

  2. little_lj Avatar

    Oh that cardigan is so cute. And I LOVE the photo of the socks… can’t wait to find out more about them!

  3. Julie Avatar

    My first thought was, “Ugh – Doc Martens?!? They’re so clunky and heavy to walk in all day.” Guess that tells you the last time I bought a pair… yours are DARLING!!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Great sweater and socks. I love the Mary Janes. I travel with my Keen Mary Janes… but they’re a bit klunky. I might have to check out your Doc Martens. They’re so cute.

  5. valokki Avatar

    I love everything in this post, gardigan, beautiful orchids, and those socks look so cute! I made socks quite similar to yours recently, they are my “girly girl socks”.

  6. Eldstickan Avatar

    I would love to buy the pattern to youre beatiful socks…

  7. darlene Avatar

    excellent pics of you, and i love, love the socks! should post a pic of the doc martens!

  8. alison Avatar

    WOW !!!!
    You are AMAZING what an insperation!

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