not again!

hmmmm. Apparently, Bloglines isn’t picking up my wp-rss2.php feed anymore, and the feed it is picking up hasn’t been updated since my entry about Michelle. I don’t know what’s going on, as I haven’t changed anything! Argh!


edit: thanks to those that replied – obviously because I complained, it works now, and the last three entries showed up this evening. I’ve got a new sub button on the left there for the feed that bloglines is actually picking up!






5 responses to “not again!”

  1. lori Avatar

    I don’t use Bloglines, but I use this link: and I’ve been picking your entries up.

  2. naomi Avatar

    They’ve all shown up on Bloglines for me. The three between the one about Michelle and this one only appeared this afternoon, but they were there…

  3. alison Avatar

    Bloglines updates your blog for me, no problem.

  4. Vicki Avatar

    I just got the last three posts. I was wondering what happened. Glad you’re still around :)

  5. Karma Avatar

    I was just thinking that I hadn’t read your blog for a while and popped in to see this message. I hope bloglines straightens out for you. :)

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