Nearing the Finish

First off, thank you for all the kind comments and notes on the passing of my grandfather.

I’ve been trying to power through some projects both as a distraction and to clear things out of my workspace, and my quilt is nearly done. I just finished attaching the binding (some areas had to be re-done, and I screwed up the corners pretty royally the first time) so now I just need to sew down the binding to the back.

nearly there...

The binding fabric is a remnant piece that I got at the Textile museum sale, and I think it goes quite nicely with the muted tones of the other fabrics. I’ve made a LOT of mistakes with this project and sticklers for quilting perfection would be horrified! But I really loved the process, and I’m totally fine with a quilt full of learning experiences as long as I can put it on my bed!

That said, I would like to make my next one better! What are your favourite quilting resources? Books, blogs, websites, inspiring quilts, anything really. I don’t have a sewing machine so I’m doing everything by hand. I’d love to check out some examples of great work!






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