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Following the success of my Built By Wendy top, I figured next up should be a skirt – I’ve made quite a few skirts, mostly pretty simple ones, some with zippers, some with elastic waists. I had three yards of Chocolate Lollipop “galaxy” print (ordered from Cia’s Palette) ordered just to make a skirt with. I’m a fan of circle skirts, but it turned out that I didn’t really have enough fabric – and I didn’t really feel like messing with letting the skirt hang before hemming, etc.

The next pattern I tried was a yoked one that looked really cute. I cut out all the pattern pieces, but then alas – the skirt pieces didn’t fit on my fabric. Turned out that the fabric was only 42″ wide rather than 45″, so there was just a little chunk of pattern hanging out! So that pattern got shelved as well.

Turns out third time’s a charm!

finished galaxy skirt

This one was made from a pattern (can’t remember which at the moment, and the envelope’s two floors downstairs) which has the front and back being made up of three panels each. So since the panels are narrowish, they finally fit on the fabric!

The skirt has a side zipper (which I put on the wrong side by accident) and just a waist facing, which I wasn’t such a fan of. I decided to do my own thing and sewed down the whole facing to the inside, making more of a waistband. My shape is a little bottom-heavy, and I like to wear my skirts fairly low on the hip, so the size 18 that I cut turned out just a bit small for my liking. It’s fine, and the cotton will stretch a bit, but that’s why I usually go with elastic waists!

finished skirt

I didn’t bother to try to match the patterns across the seams – the panels are angled, anyway, and there’s enough going on in the dots so that you really don’t notice it. One thing I did do, though, isn’t even visible from the outside:

finished seams

I don’t have a serger, and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to sewing (hence the sloppiness that sometimes ensues) so I usually just zigzag stitch along my seam allowances to finish them. With this one, I love the fabric so much that I was compelled to do a little more. When I pressed the seams open (all eight of them) I turned the allowances under by half and pressed those down, then sewed down along each and every one. I could’ve done it as a topstitch-type-thing where the stitching shows on the outside, but I’m too messy a seamstress for that!

Anyway, the skirt turned out really well and I love it. Next up, the dress debacle.

And completely randomly, some food stuff.

it's asparagus time!

I love asparagus. I had a craving for it the other day, went to the fridge and there it was in the drawer! (One of the perks of living with people who buy food, aka, parents.) We usually have it plain, steamed, which I can eat a ton of – but I wanted a little more something, you know? I roasted them up in the toaster oven (I love toaster ovens for these little tasks), dotted with butter and sprinkled with parmesan. It was in at 400 F for probably 10-15 minutes – I tend to follow the “it’s done when you can smell it” formula with stuff like this.

And a lunch from the other day –


I cooked 2 cups (or so) of penne in 2 cups water, 1 cup milk and a pat of butter until the pasta was done and the liquid mostly soaked up, and added frozen peas and some spinach near the end. Once the pasta was done, I mixed in a whole bunch of 6 year old aged white cheddar and a good helping of parmesan, black pepper, and a sprinkle of nutmeg (I love nutmeg). Serves 2, or y’know, one me over the course of the afternoon. Simple, easy, and totally yummy. Mmmm.

Can you tell I’m not afraid of butter and cheese? Hee!



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22 responses to “more with the sewing”

  1. sil Avatar

    I’m now hungry and want a new skirt. Nice work on both.

  2. Hannah Avatar

    Nice seam finishing. I always think it makes something so much more professional not having any raw edges, little things like that make me happy. Love the fabric too!

  3. Carol Avatar

    I was inspired by the top and now I really want to make clothes. I think the quilts will have to be put aside!

  4. Amy Avatar

    If you like asparagus and have a grill, toss the asparagus with olive oil, some italian seasoning, parmesan cheese and a little kosher salt and throw it on the grill until it is looking done. So delicious. This is the time of year for asparagus so enjoy!

  5. Jacey Avatar

    LOVE the skirt. I almost bought some of that fabric. It’s so gorgeous, and I’m impressed with your seaming!

    Shout out to asparagus. Mmm. I love it.

  6. Bridget Avatar

    Oh I love that skirt! The fabric and the pattern seem made for each other.

    Oh by the way – now I’m hungry too. And it’s only around 9:30 a.m. …

  7. JenBrenneman Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your sewing sucesses. I ordered the Built by wendy pattern because of your post and am SOO excited to get it and try it myself. I’m going to do the shirt first and then the long dress. I can’t wait!

  8. Elizabeth Avatar

    I would love to know what pattern that is. I have a favorite skirt that is now 5 years old that is pretty much the same shape. And as much as I try, there are no replacements, so I’ve been looking into making one.

  9. gleek Avatar

    love the skirt! it’s very flattering! do you have pinking shears? you could always pink the edges of your seams to help prevent fraying.

  10. kristin Avatar

    Love love LOVE the skirt! I’ve just started working on my first dress and I am incredibly nervous it won’t fit. I can do it, I can do it…

  11. Heather Avatar

    Your skirt’s adorable! I’d be interested in seeing what the pattern is…whenever you get around to it! Yum, asparagus!

  12. danielle Avatar

    Yummm! I love asparagus! Your skirt is ultra-cute, too. Great job.

  13. Chrissy Avatar

    I love that skirt! It looks great on you. You’re the only person who manages to make me want to sew.

    My mouth is watering for the asparagus. I love asparagus.

  14. Kat Avatar

    Hmm. How do you get the turned-up hem to lie flat so it can be sewed down? I would be a circle-skirt-making machine, if I could figure that out.

  15. Julie Avatar

    That skirt is so gorgeous! Everything about it rocks- the fabric, the cut… awesome!

    And I’m feeling you on the green veggies… that asparagus, butter and parmesean looks particuarly delish.

  16. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Absolutely nothing wrong with butter and cheese! The pasta looks really good right now (I made faux-ganoff last night, tasty but not photo worthy).

  17. Michaela Avatar

    Cute skirt! I love the fabric. The food looks yummy too! Especially the pasta!!

  18. Joni Avatar

    Hi I got this message from Google alert. Nice skirt and top. I am Joni from California and I have been sewing for years. Recently I have been sewing for kids but I need to sew for myself sometime soon..and your skirt was a good motivation for me to get sewing Next month for Summer stuff maybe. I wont have any birthdays until August so I can sew for me… thanks for the pictures.

  19. Michele Avatar

    Love that skirt! If you do remember to post the pattern and number,I will be eternally grateful.

  20. Diana Avatar

    That pasta looks yummy! I love how your skirt turned out too, that fabric is awesome.

  21. leslie Avatar

    This looks great. I love the idea of cooking pasta with milk. My toddler will love this. Thanks.


  22. sue Avatar

    I too LOVE asparagus & just this weekend tried a new way to serve it. Roll a spring in an egg roll wrapper, with a little salt & pepper & olive oil, & roast in the oven for a few minutes to toast the wrapper. You could probably dip in something too, but it’s great on its own. LOVE your site & check often for knitting tips & am in awe of such creative design work. KEEP IT UP!

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