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I’m not sure I’ve hit the ground running this new year, but I have hit the stranded colourwork!

YIP 004/365 - pretty pretty

A fresh off the needles wee colourwork project, designed to use up bits of yarn. I used Koigu in about 18 colours! They weren’t all leftovers; the main background colour is one full skein, and a bunch of them I bought as mill ends (a couple grams of each). I’m hoping to have this pattern up very shortly.

YIP 009/365

And it’s so nice, I knit it twice! Well, technically this is a slightly different option of the pattern. But it’s basically the same. Also, can I say hooray for daylight-spectrum bulbs? I put one in my office and now I can take photos like this one without having to massively colour-correct.

I’ve also been hard at work writing up a bunch of patterns in the backlog. Here’s hoping it gets flowing soon – I have a few with test knitters and some that need new photographs too. It’s a bit tricky to take photos outside in this weather though; it’s pretty chilly out there!

Hope you’re staying warm.

YIP 010/365

(Sunday morning breakfast: chocolate chip yoghurt pancakes and coffee. Mmm.)



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16 responses to “more pretties”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Both colorwork projects are beautiful! I especially like the Koigu one — the dark background really makes all of the other colors pop. And you’re making me hungry with those pancakes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. RisaJ Avatar

    I’m loving the colourwork in the first picture. Keep up the good work.

  3. karen stevens Avatar
    karen stevens

    Beautiful! Can’t wait for the pattern…

  4. Tanis Avatar

    Can’t wait to see finished products! The colourwork is gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to have pancakes for breakfast!

  5. Julie Avatar

    wow, both projects are looking great so far! As are those pancakes… mmmm!

  6. Abby Avatar

    That looks really beautiful! Wow, I can’t wait for that pattern!
    Now I’m hungry. I’m going to go eat lunch now…

  7. Wendolene Avatar

    Chocolate chip pancakes and stashbusting–sounds like a good start to the new year!

  8. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Those are gorgeous. I’m in the midst of charting out my very first colorwork project. It’s a bit of a learning experience.

  9. Laura Avatar

    These all look great (pancakes included)! I’m partial to the lighter version — beautiful!

  10. Beatriz Avatar

    I really like how the colors come together. Very clever. The darker background color makes all the shades of Koigu really pop. Looking forward to seeing the pattern finalized. Best wishes!

  11. Maryse Avatar

    Beautiful colorwork! Looks like so much fun! I look forward to try that technique! Really nice for the eye!

  12. Kerry Avatar

    Very lovely colourwork! And those pancakes look divine!

  13. skeinqueen Avatar

    What they all said – love, love, love the Koigu colourwork.

  14. Donna Avatar

    The two color knitting looks so pretty. I have to do more of that.

  15. Lisa Avatar

    Daylight spectrum bulbs? I’ve never heard of them but I’m going to have to look for them! I’d love to cut down on the processing time!

    Great cowls, btw! :)

  16. Monique Avatar

    Nice colorwork! Thanks for the mention of the daylight bulbs. I really really really need one!

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