Finally, with pictures!

Lady Eleanor
Pattern: from Scarf Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colour 201, 10 balls
Needles: Denise US6

Yum yum. I finished Lady E last week and have worn it every day since (well, the days I’ve gone out). I was worried it would be too bulky to wear as a scarf, but it’s been fine – nice and warm! Easy and fast knitting; I knit backwards in both tiers! That was kind of fun.

I decided to go with the fringe in the book, but modified it a bit – instead of just folding the lengths in half, I folded them in half twice before attaching. This left 1/2 the length of tail that they called for, and I only did 3 rows of knots. This way I get a more substantial fringe (I found the one in the book to look a little scraggly) and shorter so it’s less likely to catch on things!

More photos!

I just love the big dramaticness of it all. I’m glad I went with a more subdued colour; I don’t think I could pull off one of those really bright colourways!

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  1. Amy

    That turned out beautifully! I totally agree that the subdued colors were the way to go…especially for such a large scarf. Great job.

  2. Ruth

    Lovely! I’m not sure I could commit to 10 balls of anything for a scarf, but this definitely looks worth it!

  3. Jill

    It is fantastic. I love the more subdued colours. I’ll have to take a picture of the one I’m working on and send it to you.

  4. knotingale

    That is so lovely! One of my favorite scarves is actually big enough to be a wrap. It’s the warmest thing, wrapping a huge scarf around your neck and all down your chest.
    I do love Lady Eleanor–did you knit it more tightly, or does the pattern call for size 6 needles? (Sorry, I don’t have my copy of Scarf Style with me.)

  5. mary

    beautiful. I only wish that I had that much talent. I love your website and your enthusasium of knitting and life in general. I can’t say enough of the scarf. The first time I saw a pic of the scarf I was like I want to do that!!

  6. Wanda

    Just gorgeous! I love the scarf, the color looks good on you. and that last picture says it all, just how much you love it!

  7. StacyZ

    Now that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Love everything about it.

    Thank you again for your patterns. My mom is knitting your top down cardigan her first sweater after 20 year break from knitting. She is loving it!

  8. Alison

    Oh, that is just gorgeous. I’m wishing I had picked that colorway. I think I am about 75% of the way through mine and I am definitely copycatting you on the fringe. I like the look of yours better.

  9. Aara

    I just have to add my voice to the chorus of praise. The scarf is beautiful and it suits you perfectly. You make each other lovely.

  10. Sophie

    You know, a lot of folks do Lady E out of Noro, but I wasn’t sure what I thought of the combo of pattern and yarn — until you did yours. It really does look wonderful. Yet again, you make me add to my list of to-knits (she said, sitting on a mountain of yarn).

  11. Sheila

    Your Lady Eleanor is wonderful! I love the fringe done your way. I love entrelac. It is so much fun to knit.

  12. Kim

    I love it! I am planning on doing the same project and will try to do your mods – I’m a short person (5’2″) and I think the shorter fringe is much better.


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