MDSW: the haul

So what did I get at MDSW?

281.365 - yarn = me?

Two skeins of the most delicious, squooshy merino/silk from Solitude. The wool is from local Virginia sheep! The two skeins are slightly different shades, but very close. I’ll probably stripe ’em together.

Tess Petite Silk

A whole whack of Petite Silk from Tess Designer Yarns. Love this stuff. What I’ll do with it, I don’t know! Maybe incorporate it into some weaving.

Tess superwash merino lace

Plus three skeins of Tess superwash merino laceweight. I was really into the laceweight this year!

I also picked up two skeins of Wullenstudio sock yarn from the Cloverhill booth, and a Sheep 2 Shoe kit from the Fold. Oh, and some Got Soap – love their stuff! So all in all I was pretty restrained for me. I find once I get to fibre festivals the wool fumes just get into my wallet! I’m sure there are others who can relate.

But now I’m feeling the weight of my stash. Time to get back to working. I felt like for awhile there I wasn’t being particularly productive in the knitting department, but I think I’m getting back on track. And not just with the knitting either!

granny square sneak peek

The giant granny square is done, so here’s a sneak peek! Crochet uses up yarn at a good clip, so I’ve now started another crocheted blanket project – a ripple blanket out of all sorts of different leftovers and random handspuns. But I really need to get going on a few sweater ideas. Anyone have suggestions on how to get more working hours into the day?



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8 responses to “MDSW: the haul”

  1. darlene Avatar

    can’t wait to see what you begin to create from them!

  2. emy Avatar


    thank god there are no such yarn festivals in singapore else my wallet will have a big burning hole! :)

  3. kelly jo Avatar

    Beautiful yarns – I love that green! When you figure out how to get more working time out of the day – let me know!!

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Love the Grandmother Square (as my good friend loves to call it!)! I’m actually working on one in the Noro Taiyo in the #4 Colorway. I love how you put the crocheted edge on it. What did you do, exactly? I would like an edge on mine, as well, and I’m not a grand crocheter, so I need ideas and lots of help! Thank you!

  5. Emily Avatar

    Wake up an hour earlier! That’s how I squeeze in extra knitting time, with my coffee and the morning radio news.

    I know that some people could never function with that plan, but I cherish that peaceful, productive extra morning hour.

  6. kitkatknit Avatar

    Love the giant granny square!! Is there a pattern in the works for it? Or one available out in RavLand? Don’t think I can wing it since I haven’t crocheted in about 40 years.

  7. Caroline Avatar

    If there was an “agree” button for that “Any idea how we can get more working hours in the day, I would totally hit it. I’ve been an adult for a little less than a year, but it seems to me that the definition of adult is “not enough hours in the day”.
    When you find out how to get more hours in the day, let me know!!
    Love the granny square – I’m using up a bunch of my stash making granny squares to make into a blanket.

  8. Emilee Avatar

    I love the look of that granny square blanket!

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