May 13-14: London, part 2

On Friday (May 13; am I ever going to catch up here? must start blogging every day) I headed down to Alice’s to hang out and do some laundry. It was lovely and relaxed, it’s really nice to hang out in an actual homey place rather than a hotel or out. Then we went out for lunch to a nearby place. They had a great deal on, a sandwich/wrap (I got halloumi), drink, crisps and a chocolate bar for £4.


Then I headed out to the bus to go check out some museums – I went to the Natural History Museum and the V&A. Sadly, the textiles room at the V&A was closed! But apparently they are being moved to a new museum which will be focused on clothworkers and textiles. Just up my alley! Maybe in a few years I’ll come back to visit it. I pretty much looked at the entire V&A, quickly. It’s great. I want all the books in the gift shop!

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum



stained glass


Saturday morning I worked my way around numerous Tube closures to meet up with Kate to hang out. We went to Borough Market first – super awesome! If I lived in London you bet I’d be at the market buying veggies and cheese and stuff. Yum.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market

mezze at Borough Market

Then we walked along the Thames a bit to the Tate Modern and wandered around there, and we recorded an interview for Kate’s podcast! So keep an eye out on her blog for that. After some lunch, Kate went home and I….wandered around more. Went to the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, Seven Dials, and walked to Euston tube station. That is a lot of walking.

view of london


neal's yard

The Orla Kiely store is so pretty!

orla kiely store

I walked by the British museum, but I didn’t end up going in because it was the end of the day. From Euston I headed out to see Kate again, this time at her flat! A few of her friends were round for some nibbles and a Eurovision screening party complete with scorecards (but not the drinking game). I had to head home about halfway through, but I had a ton of fun. Thanks so much Kate for a great day out!



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3 responses to “May 13-14: London, part 2”

  1. Brandi Avatar

    Sounds like you’ve been having a lovely time:)

  2. Norma Avatar

    I visited the British Museum when I went to London, possessed with the mistaken notion that I would see artifacts from English history. Ha! Nay, nay; instead it was stuffed chock full of curiosities taken from the far flung realms of the Bitish Empire that were brought back to England for display. Jewelry, pottery, statues, you name it, but the thing that most amazed me was the full-sized Greek temple!!!

  3. aplayfulday Avatar

    You’re welcome- come visit again soon xx

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