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I’m rushing off to work at the store this morning, but I wanted to share some photos with you! My new pattern collection has a title, and it is the Map Collection. I rented a lens this week to shoot the photos with my friend Jasmine as the model, and whew, I love this lens! I don’t know that I love it enough to buy it (it’s pretty huge, heavy and not super versatile) but I would totally rent it again. Headshots has good rental deals.

It’s a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens, and I just love it. It’s great for when you need a little room between you and your subject, but also close up for really details shots. It’s very fast and sharp as well.

madelintosh pashima


peacock feathers

The Map Collection will be out very soon (it’s e-book only, not a printed book) – here are a few previews from our photoshoot!

Linehan Road Hat

linehan road hat

Ackert Hook Hat

ackert hook hat

Midlothian Mittens

MIdlothian mittens







12 responses to “macro lens goodness”

  1. Tanis Avatar

    Oooh! Looking good! Can’t wait to see more details of the whole collection.

  2. Christine Avatar

    The Sigma 105mm macro is a workhorse lens, too, and almost half the price of the Nikon. Mine’s been knocked around for many years of photojournalism, and although the auto zoom is starting to sound a little strained, it still works just fine. Just in case you want to know. I have no idea what lenses rent for, or how often you need it.

  3. julie Avatar

    Have never knit with beads, but that lineham hat is making me want to learn. Can’t wait to see the whole collection!

  4. Rachel Avatar

    can’t wait to see your collection of new patterns!

  5. Morgan Avatar

    Can’t wait to see what else is in there! Looks amazing so far!

  6. Chantal Boucher Avatar

    You’re right, that lens makes beautiful pictures and put your patterns in a great light!

  7. Meghan Ciana Doidge Avatar

    Oh, I am very much liking the look of the Ackert Hook Hat!

  8. Michelle Smith Avatar
    Michelle Smith

    How exciting for you & for us –
    Really looking forward to viewing your
    new work!

  9. JenH Avatar

    Jasmine looks so fetching!

    Looking forward to seeing it

  10. Jasmine Avatar

    It was such a fun day of shooting. Can’t wait to see the collection when you’re finished laying it out!

  11. Iris Avatar

    How exciting! Love the Linehan Road Hat in particular. And the pictures have come out great.

  12. Liz Avatar

    beautiful shots! really looking forward to seeing the book!

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