macro lace

Wow! Thanks for the fantastic response to the Monday Morning Cardigan! I can’t wait till I start seeing some finished sweaters – I really love the side shaping too.

I wanted to share a shiny new project on my needles before I run out the door today (bike shopping!) – a big lace pattern in Malabrigo worsted.

macro lace malabrigo

I was calling this “macro lace” in my head because it’s a big motif – 3.5 inches between the side tips at the top. But then I realized it actually looks like the “macro” setting on cameras!

macro lace malabrigo

This goes fantastically fast and is super soft and squishy. I just love it. It’s going to end up as a sorta shrug-cardigan thing. Cropped, with adjust-to-your-size sleeves. Well, if it works out as planned, anyway.

macro lace malabrigo



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6 responses to “macro lace”

  1. susannahbean Avatar

    I love that color!

  2. Sophy Avatar

    the color is lovely — so vibrant! and the texture of the lace pattern is really interesting; are those tulips??? looking forward to seeing more progress on this.

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Very nice! I love malabrigo. It’s so darn addictive!

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Very pretty. I love that lens.

  5. The Left-Handed Crafter Avatar

    Hmmm… can’t wait to see how this turns out. : )

  6. SeymoreMonkey Avatar

    love, love, love. Also I just got a new bike too! Its a trek 7100 (good for transport to work and for fun) and I love that too.

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