little black whatchamacallit

Well, it only took four days to knit this little sweater, but over a week since then to block, photograph and blog about it! Oh well.

26.365 - little black whatchamacallit

My own pattern, just a simple top-down raglan bolero/shrug thing with half-length sleeves and curved fronts. I had the yarn lying around and really wanted a simple super soft, black cardigan, so here it is! I used six balls of Sublime cashmere merino silk aran (there’s a mouthful) and used up every last drop. I’ve got a tiny length left (like 1 m) so I think I might crochet a little loop and do a button.

I was a little unsure about the chunkyness of this sweater at first – it’s on 5.5 mm needles, which is way bigger than I’ve used in awhile! But a good soaking opened up the fabric a bit and it drapes much better now. If I’d had some more yarn I would’ve liked to do longer ribbing around the edge, but as it was I had to tink back a row just to have enough yarn to bind off!

little black sweater

I’m thinking of writing it up (it would probably be pretty quick, too) but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it! So we’ll see. I want to write up that skirt from the last post, too, which is actually a bit easier…oy, so many ideas, so few hours in which to get things done.

I’ve actually had a really productive day “off” – it’s off work from the store, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working! I’ve laid out the patterns for the baby and child, top down versions of the Thermal sweater, so I’m hoping to release those very soon. Just as soon as I get some photos! I also did a bunch of stuff in preparation for my trip – calling the bank and credit card companies, finding a suitcase, making some lists, I even packed most of my clothes.

Now I’m down to the tough parts of packing – deciding what knitting and/or crochet to take! I want to take some crochet for the plane, I think, because I’ve got a design idea and it would also get around the whole are-needles-allowed thing. I guess the thing is that I’m sure to buy yarn there (especially at iknit!) so I can always start up a new project there if I get bored or something. Yeah, I kind of doubt it too. But we do have some longish train rides worked in there.

Five more sleeps, people. Whoa.



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13 responses to “little black whatchamacallit”

  1. Cobbalicious Avatar

    Good grief. You knit like the wind. (And it’s taking me the better part of a month to get any pictures up of my stuff, so there.) :)

  2. Alice from france Avatar

    This is a nice bolero! I like it!
    Good luck for your trip!

  3. Linda Avatar

    In the US I’ve had no problem taking knitting needles (socks on circulars) on my last eight or nine flights. These included USAir, United, Continental, and others.

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Ooh – it looks adorable and oh so practical. You’ll be able to wear it with just about anything! And black is the new black, I hear.

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Nice sweater!

    I did manage to get through security checks with my wooden DPN’s. However, I had my addi turbos in my suitcase to switch to. They broke the locks off my suitcase to open it up. Must have looked like a bomb or something.

  6. Abby Avatar

    I have been wanting a top-down raglan bolero like this FOREVER. Please write up the pattern, I’m dying to knit it!

  7. Lindsey Rose Avatar

    The little sweater is adorable! A button would be lovely! I, too have had no problems flying internationally with knitting needles- always bamboo.

  8. Kris Avatar

    I have brought knitting needles along with me on planes for years and I have never even been asked about them. I started with just bringing bamboo circulars (b/c they look the least “threatening”)–but since then I’ve had addis and a lot of others and never had a problem at all. Even traveling internationally.

  9. sari Avatar

    oh, i love it!

  10. Cassy Avatar

    I brought Addi Turbo 0s for socks and size 1 Addi Lace and had no trouble. And both my bags were carry on. I was flying in the U.S. though…with a threat level ORANGE. Sometimes I think they just have a color wheel they spin at random.

  11. Nielsdottir Avatar

    I flew from Denmark to UK last week with a bamboo crochet hook without a hitch, so you can definitly do that. And I’m looking really forward to the top-down Thermals! :)

  12. Gretchen Avatar

    It’s a well known fact that an object is not officially finished until photos are up on a blog.

    We can’t take needles on flights in Australia, but I sometimes take some skeins to wind into balls, and just to get the feel of the yarn if I haven’t yet decided what to make with it.

  13. Michelle Avatar

    Write up the pattern! I want it. Make sure you include big girls!!

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