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So originally I was going to give my mom my Charlotte’s Web – I’ve only worn it once, after all. But I decided against that at the last moment and decided to knit a triangular scarf out of the Hand Maiden Silk/Cashmere I bought at the Frolic. So….

11:30 pm. Casting on.

12:00 am. Six inches done.

1:30 am. After CSI and some other random TV-watching, I’m almost done, sort of.

2:10 am. Bind off take one.

2:30 am. Bind off take two – sewn bind off.

2:40 am. Blocking – using blocking wires!

In the light of the morning…all done.

Laura’s Last Minute Kercheif
1 skein Hand Maiden 2-ply silk and cashmere (300 m/50 g) or 200-250 m of laceweight yarn
1 set 6 mm (US 10) needles

With yarn doubled, cast on three stitches.
Every row: slip 1 pwise with yarn in front, knit to last stitch, yarn over, knit 1.
Repeat row until you’re almost out of yarn/time/patience.
Bind off using a stretchy bind off.
Block and you’re done!



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6 responses to “last minute knitted gift”

  1. rachel m Avatar

    is beautiful, dude. i’ve got some lovely baby loop mohair on the way destined to become a very similar shawl. my first thought was for my mum, but i know she’d never wear it.

  2. erin Avatar

    That is such a pretty, pretty scarf with lovely edging. I’m sure your mum will love it. Thanks for posting the pattern. This will be perfect for gifts!

  3. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    Yay Laura! When I saw you today, I had no idea you had already been so productive!!
    And, Yay for blocking wires!
    When I made the lace shawl for my niece’s wedding, they saved my life.
    Let me know how it goes with Gemini and the wheel.

  4. Juulie Avatar

    Blocking does amazing work. Love looking at your step by step progress shots.

  5. Vicki Avatar

    Easy enough. How big is yours? Hehe, your kerchief that is :)

  6. charmaine Avatar

    ok i know it’s like 2 yrs after you posted this, but you are saving my life right now. mother’s day, hello! i have some handmaiden silk i have intended to use for my mother for too long.

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