just popping in to say

I am soooooo jealous seeing people’s hauls from MDSW! Why oh why didn’t I ask Rachel H to pick me up at least some merino top on the cheap, now that I’m out of things to dye?!

I did just get an email back from RHLindsay saying that it would cost $35 US to ship 15 pounds of merino (priced at $9.50 US/pound) here, and the same amount to ship a full bump (about 30 pounds)!

They have free shipping in the States on a full bump, so to Canada they charge whatever’s above what they would pay UPS to ship within the states – so it comes out about the same. Of course, there’d also be taxes to pay on top of that but…maybe I could get them to put the value down as less than what it actually is, so I’d pay less taxes.

Hmmm. Anyone in town here need some merino, around $16-17 canadian per pound?

Or…any Americans driving up to visit Toronto in a few months (it takes them awhile to send out a full bump order) that’d be willing to be a merino mule carrier?

Oy. Self, stop thinking about merino. Study, dammit.







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  1. mote Avatar

    Hi! I might be interested in some merino… I’m within driving distance of Toronto, and I could probably handle anywhere from 4-6 pounds at that price. Email me if that works.

    btw, we’ve met before – I was in one of your spindling classes in April at lettuceknit. =D

  2. Ella Avatar

    I’d go for a couple of pounds of merino. I’m in London so you could stick it on the bus to me C.O.D.
    Let me know if you have enough interest to order.

  3. Amie Avatar

    Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!

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