it’s a ripple

A crocheted ripple blanket, worked in neat ripple.

it's a ripple.

it's a ripple.

Cascade Eco Wool, 10 skeins total in about 8 shades (some colour sections are longer). Yarn held double, with a J / 6mm hook. Yes, it’s pretty firm, but it did loosen up quite a bit in the wash. I probably could’ve gone up at least one hook size, but I like the density. It nearly covers the top of my double bed (though I didn’t get any photos of that, oops). I started out making it for myself, but ended up giving it to my partner for his birthday yesterday. It’s still in the family.

it's a ripple.

it's a ripple.







18 responses to “it’s a ripple”

  1. Jaimee Avatar

    I love the gradient color changes with the neutral palette- so cool!

  2. Alicia Avatar

    I don’t crochet, but this blanket makes me want to!

  3. Dani Avatar

    It’s gorgeous Laura! You are inspiring me to bust out the crochet hooks again

  4. Bonnie Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the pattern and especially love the way you’ve combined the colors.

  5. dokpearl Avatar

    Very classy!

  6. Allison Avatar

    Love it!!! I have vivid memories of aesthetically dubious ripple afghans from my childhood; I get such a thrill every time I see someone take the concept and create something beautiful.

  7. Katja Avatar

    Gorgeous work!

  8. jackie conkling Avatar
    jackie conkling

    very nice. I love how the color changes flow.

  9. GerryART Avatar

    Love the natural tone of this ripple-y goodness.
    Sweet Dreams!

  10. Erin Avatar

    Greys, so simple I wouldn’t have thought of it, but the result is gorgeous.

  11. jackie c. Avatar
    jackie c.

    Hi,any special Rhinbeck projects in the works?

  12. Knittripps Avatar


    It may be time to dust off my Cascade Eco Wool log cabin blanket. I estimate I am about half done.

  13. moetang Avatar

    love it a lot!
    The color, the texture and very thing.

  14. gina0757 Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the colors,

  15. Anne Avatar

    Congrats. You have created a beautiful piece. I would love to replicate it if you would be so kind as to tell me which colours you used.

  16. Joanne Avatar

    Love this piece!! Can you help me understand better? I believe I understood you used two skeins at once? Did you mix the colors? Could you tell me the colors you used? I would love to make this for a good friend from Chile who is coming for a visit in January and grey is their favorite color. Thank you and again congrats on such a pretty afghan.

  17. Natalia Avatar

    Hi! I’d love to make this blanket for my new home. Did you follow any kind of pattern or was it a freehand thing? Also which colours of the Cascade Eco Wool did you use?

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